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Do you have a burning desire to live an enriching life: physically, mentally and spiritually?  Boom Vision podcast is all about health, wealth and higher self!  

Welcome to the Boom Vision® podcast, a show that dives deep on how to create a fulfilling and abundance life: it starts with a powerful mindset!  Your host Benjamin Yeh is a Business and Transformation Coach.  His diverse background as an ex-corporate executive, investment officer deploying over $1 billion in real estate & investments, serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor and coach gives him multidimensional vantage points on how to bridge the gap between your inner world and outer reality. 

Ben shares valuable perspectives and action steps to help you build optimal health, create aligned wealth, and connect to your higher self.  It's time for you to live an extraordinary life that YOU design where anything is possible!  If you're ready to grow your life to the next level, hit subscribe and let's start THRIVING together!

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Latest Episodes

Episode 72: Power of Law of Vibration: Vibes Speak Louder Than Words!

Episode 71: Spiritual Inventor: Healing Power of Meditation with Quan Gan

Episode 70: When Is Doing Things For The Sake of Harmony Worth It?

Episode 69: Beyond Time: Navigating Healing Realms using QHHT with Celmuun

Episode 68: Simplify to Thrive: The Power of Letting Go!

Episode 67: Wealth Mastery: Lessons from the Monastery to Prosperity with Saket Jain

Episode 66: Gravity Within: The Essence of Self-Confidence & Inner Strength!

Episode 65: The Magic of Breathwork with Rahul Panchal

Episode 64: Cultivate Your Circle: Growing Seeds or Weeds? 2023 Reflection

Episode 63: Embracing Holistic Living with Jana Short

Episode 62: Setting Healthy Boundaries: The Art of Being Kind vs Being Nice

Episode 61: High Stakes Poker, Game of Life and Spirituality with Rafe Furst

Episode 60: Do You Feel Happy? A Holistic Guide to Activate Your Passion!

Episode 59: Artivist: Quest for Lyrics, Health, and Self-Empowerment with Maya Jupiter

Episode 58: Power of Setting Intentions: Attracting Success

Episode 57: How a 15 Minute NLP Technique Changed My Life with Judy Tsuei

Episode 56: Are You Focusing on Efficiency or Intensity?

Episode 55: Healing Trauma through Therapy: Unveiling the Path to Emotional Resilience with Tanya Veluz

Episode 54: Harness the Power of 'Money is Energy': Attracting Wealth Into Your Life!

Episode 53: Embracing 'Money is Energy' & Being a Wavemaker with Mickey Lu

Episode 52: Ignite Your Inner Flame: Understanding What Drives You!

Episode 51: The Resonance and Power of Your Voice with Odeya Nini

Episode 50: Unveiling Success: Mastering the WHY and HOW, Beyond the WHAT

Episode 49: The Himalayas, Seeing Babaji, Becoming a Rebirth Facilitator with Rahul Panchal (Part 2)

Episode 48: Creative Strategist: From Ayahuasca, NDE, to Living Life 2.0 with Rahul Panchal (Part 1)

Episode 47: How Do You Work Smarter, Not Harder? Power of the Konami Code

Episode 46: Real Estate to Spirituality: Shifting from 3D to 5D Reality with Liza Florida

Episode 45: Powerful Way to Improve Your Focus & Confidence: Unlocking "I AM"

Episode 44: Game Maker: The Power of Creating From Your Heart with Thomas Vu

Episode 43: Creating WOW Moments: Secret Ingredients of Lasting Impressions

Episode 42: RN to Psychic Medium: Connect to Your Intuition with Laura West

Episode 41: How to Attract Abundance Into Your Life! Power of Language

Episode 40: From Chronic Pains to Thriving: Healing with Dr. Anna Esparham, MD

Episode 39: Cultivating Your Network: Knowing When to Hold'em and Fold'em

Episode 38: From Tiny Habits to Transformational Change with Julie DeLucca-Collins

Episode 37: How Much Are You Living Your Life on Autopilot? 2022 Reflection

Episode 36: Spiritual Entrepreneur: Path to Self-Mastery with Tian Mu

Episode 35: Self-Compassion: What's the Key to Happiness in Life?

Episode 34: Family Constellation: Healing Generational Trauma with Dr. Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino, D.C.

Episode 33: How to Get Unstuck and Create Your Dream Life! Secret is the 3 C's!

Episode 32: Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur: Learning How to Thrive with Zack Swire

Episode 31: Seizing the Opportunity: Knowing How to Capture the Right Time!

Episode 30: DiSC Assessment: Knowing Thyself and Being Understood with Karen Bemmes

Episode 29: Secret to Building Self Confidence: Believing is Seeing!

Episode 28: AIM: Amplifying Social Impact through Soul Music with Aloe Blacc

Episode 27: How to Defy the Impossible where Anything Is Possible!

Episode 26: Unlocking Your Potential with Human Design with Heather Fischer-Page

Episode 25:

Creating Momentum: Magic Starts When You Meet In The Middle!

Episode 24: How to Sell More by Being More Human with John Hill

Episode 23:

Networking: Secret to Building New & Impactful Relationships

Episode 22: You Can't Supplement Your Way Out of a Bad Diet! with Kate Mahoney

Episode 21:

Growth Mindset Is Not Enough. Wait, What?!

Episode 20: Expat's Journey: Formula for Speed and Truth with Tom Roberts

Episode 19:

What To Do When $#it Hits the Fan?!

Episode 18: The Antipreneur: Resilience + Into The Woods = Clarity with Dan Bennett

Episode 17:

Opportunity Cost vs. Benefit - What Empowers You More?

Episode 16: 3 T's - How to Release Trauma Trapped in Body? with Dr. Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino, D.C.

Episode 15:

How to Stay Focused? Lights, Camera, Action!

Episode 14: How Surviving a Deadly Illness Led to Her Purpose with Deniz Gunaydin

Episode 13:

Are You & Your Partner Rowing Towards the Same Direction? Map and Internal Compass

Episode 12: How to Connect with Your Soul GPS (Intuition) with Bridget Wang

Episode 11:

Secret to Manifest: Create What Your Heart Truly Desires!

Episode 10: Artist's Journey - Discovering His True North with Mickey Lu

Episode 9:

How to Be a Wavemaker: Thermometer versus Thermostat Mindset

Episode 8: How to Access Your Intuition Through Emotions with Jonathan Liu

Episode 7:

Perspectives: How 3 Dots Profoundly Changed My Life!

Episode 6:

How to Listen to Your Authentic Voice with Shari Alexander

Episode 5:

Letting Go: Learning How to Let Go of Your Bananas!

Episode 4:

Intuition: How to Trust and Build Your Intuition!

Episode 3:

Imagination: How to Escape Your Matrix and Groundhog Day!

Episode 2:

Voice: How Much Your Inner Voice Impacts How You Manifest Your Life!

Episode 1: 

Welcome to Boom Vision: 3 Core Pillars in Building a Strong Mindset!

Don't just move your body, move your SOUL!

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