Boom VisionTM Podcast

Episode 1: Welcome to Boom Vision! 3 Core Pillars in Building a Strong Mindset!



Welcome to the first episode of Boom VisionTM!  Today we'll be going over several topics:

  1. Why I created Boom Vision
  2. What is Boom Vision
  3. Who this podcast is for
  4. What you can expect going forward, and
  5. Action steps you can take.

We know it's important to be physically healthy, mentally healthy and spiritually healthy, but how?  In this episode, we'll dive into the 3 core pillars in building a strong mindset: Imagination, Voice and Intuition.  What you see, hear, and feel internally in your mind has a profound impact on your outer reality!

Show Notes

[1:38] - Why I created Boom Vision:

"Always begin with the end in mind" - Dr. Stephen R. Covey

[8:33] - What is Boom Vision?

3 core pillars that are foundational in building a powerful mindset: Imagination, Voice and Intuition.

[12:21] - Who this podcast is for

This podcast is for YOU. This is for you, when you are experiencing moments in your life where:

  • you felt like you're not living a path you created, but rather a path designed by others. You KNOW you want to break free, but don't know how.
  • If you feel stuck, yet searching for clarity and sense of direction.
  • If you feel like you're so over with trying to SURVIVE, and you want to start THRIVING.
  • If you feel you mastered success in your outer reality, yet you still feel a sense of emptiness inside. Your inner happiness does not match your outer success.

[13:54] - What you can expect going forward

In this podcast, I'll be sharing insights and actionable steps you can take involving the Boom Vision paradigm. 

I'll be interviewing thought leaders, artists, and entrepreneurs that will  share their perspectives on what works and what doesn't.

Frequency: In terms of frequency for this show: I'll be releasing episodes on a bi-weekly basis every other Wednesdays.

[14:25] - Action steps you can take

1) Intuition: Pick your 2021 anthem. Pick a song that best invokes the feelings and emotions that you want more of this year.

2) Voice: I want you to declare out loud (not in your head) but out loud:

  • I give myself permission to dream without holding back.
  • I give myself permission to create my own path.
  • I give myself permission to have my dreams come true.

3) Imagination: After you listen to your anthem, after you make your daily declaration (out loud), I want you to journal what comes into your mind when you're in that state.

Journal for 3 days: For 3 days, journal every day what comes into your mind. Don't cross out anything, just write what comes into mind After you do this for 3 days straight, I want you to read all the things you wrote and see which words or images invoke a positive feeling. Which ones sparks joy in your life? No matter how big or small your dreams are, which ones appear like a giant leap of faith, but would absolutely make you feel total bliss?


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