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Discovering and Living Your Soul's Purpose

I'd like to help you uncover your inner & outer breakthroughs. What you see, what you hear, and what you feel internally guides the direction in your life, consciously and subconsciously. I’m here to share my insights, strategies and frameworks to help unlock your highest potential, where your heart yearns to lead you towards a spectacular life that you deserve!


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This podcast is all about health, wealth and higher self! It's all interconnected!

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I can help you integrate physically, mentally and spiritually with your business to fully align with the life you want to create! 

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I want to empower you to build a thriving business that's in alignment with your soul, and have fun doing it!

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Let's accelerate your business growth that's in alignment with your soul's purpose!

Feel like you hit an invisible barrier in your business? Is there a mismatch between the success you created in your business versus the level of happiness & fulfillment you feel inside?

Let me help you uncover what drives your soul! Let's recalibrate your inner happiness + innate gifts, and reignite your passion to start thriving in your business and all aspects of your life!

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Hi I'm Ben!

Entrepreneur, business alignment coach and creator of transformations.

In 2014, a major event changed my life: my wife gave birth to our first baby. On one of the several sleepless nights that first month, an unexpected glimpse of clarity hit me. I envisioned my family playing in the front yard of my house. Our family looked happy on the exterior, but that outer image did not match the same feeling of happiness I felt inside. It was a weird sensation but I knew something was off...I realized in that moment that the success and career path I was currently creating in the external world did not match the feeling of happiness and fulfillment in my heart, my inner world. Something needed to be changed.

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On EO Forum Retreat Facilitation:


"Ben was wonderful, it totally was the highlight of our EO retreat. Highly recommended, amazing presentation and tools for life."

Shalom I.


EO Los Angeles 

"Ben has help guide me through quite a few situations, the most arduous though was one of self-worth.  Now, this may have been ancillary to everything else he was coaching me through, but it is certainly the most impactful.  Not knowing the value of my contributions has held me mentally back for longer than I remember; unconsciously.  With Ben's guidance, he was able to walk me through many scenarios and examples that made me question the lens that I viewed everything through.  Looking through a new lens has taken time and patience, this share of self-worth that I have earned along the way will continue to pay dividends in the future."

Alex R.


7-Figure Microscope Technology Business

"We’ve been lucky enough to work with Ben for several years. He has been an invaluable resource for us and our business since day one. Every challenge we have presented him, he has taken seriously and works with us to find solutions that are “win win” for all parties involved. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Ben. We trust him and would easily recommend him."

Elaine Yamanashi

Co-Founder of Tokyo Fried Chicken

Are you at a crossroads of your life, and unsure of which direction to take?