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Ep. 49: The Himalayas, Seeing Babaji, Being a Rebirth Facilitator with Rachul Panchal (Part 2) 


Quote: "Silence and meditation are the twin aids to peace, power and prosperity."  – Mahavatar Babaji

*Trigger Warning: In this episode, you'll hear some sensitive topics such as NDE (near death experiences). So if you got little ones around, please grab your headphones now.

This episode is part 2 of my interview with last week's guest, Rahul Panchal, a Creative Strategist and Rebirth Facilitator.  Did Rahul meet Babaji? Tune in to find out!  In today's interview (Part 2), we dive into:

  1. Las Vegas: Filming a teacher facilitator workshop for his new friends
  2. Heading to the Himalayas for the first time
  3. Seeing Babaji in the Mahavatar Babaji Cave
  4. A year later: Magical encounter with homeless man on Venice Beach
  5. Revisiting Himalayas: Rahul's vision and visiting family in India
  6. The Pure White Light: The creation and what the rebirth workshop is about

Show Notes

[2:13] Welcome to episode 49 of the Boom Vision podcast!

I'm uber excited to share this part 2 of Rahul's interview. What started with attending an ayahuasca ceremony, to returning from his Death Experience, Rahul's journey of recalibrating his life 2.0 has just begun. (If you haven't already, check out Part 1 in Episode 48)

So how does Rahul's spiritual journey continue? Let's find out, here's part 2 of Rahul Panchal's story:

[2:44] (BY) Rahul, with that death experience in that rebirth phase, what happened in that 1st phase of rebirth?

[8:05] (RP) I got invited to a teacher training in Las Vegas to film the workshop on behalf of the couple that was facilitating

[9:59] (RP) By the way, the breathwork stuff that I do? This (Vegas) workshop is the first part of training. So many mind blowing epiphanies.  

[11:40] (BY) Were you filming this workshop as an observer and a participant?

(RP) I didn't initially have any intention of learning this stuff. I ended up doing the work as I was filming and editing.

 [19:29] (BY) From that experience in Vegas, how did that lead to India? What was the biggest takeaway from that experience?

(RP) Me picking my parents, death urge, life urge, a bunch of things. There was this picture of Babaji on a table, facilitator shared that Babaji's mantra is "om namah shivaya", which means I bow to the infinite in you. Facilitator also shared that the advance teacher training was in India, telling Rahul he should go to that to film that workshop too!

[23:01] (RP) When I went to the Himalayas, we had this opportunity to meditate in the cave that Babaji was found.  There is this tiny alter in there and very dark cave. I was praying, asking Babaji "Can you show me? I don't get it. How do you appear out of thin air? Can you show me?" 

[24:19] (BY) So you go into this meditation cave, you have this thought in mind, and you expressed it, then what happened next? 

(RP) I asked "Babaji, show me, I want to see!" Then there was something that was vibrating and I'm meditating. It was like a visual vibration, I can almost make out muscles and bones. I saw some eye lashes and I recognized his face. As soon as it clicked in my mind, gone.  After that, I was on my knees, bowing in front of his picture, crying. 

[25:54] (BY) Once you made that conscious connection, that's when you connected the dots that it's Bababji.

[32:26] (RP) About a year returning from the Himalayas, I didn't do much with the breathwork learning, but I felt really lost.

[33:35] (RP) So one day, I was fast asleep, I saw this really bright light when my eyes was closed. It happened at 4am. Decided to put on my swim trunks and go to Venice beach to start my date.

Shares story of encountering a homeless man. He yells "Go back to India!" 

[39:53] (RP) I don't know where to go in India, I was called to go back to the Himalayas for the 2nd time.

[41:03] (RP) So I start talking to god: God, you body checked me on the beach, told me to go back to India, why and I here, and what's going on with my advertising career, what is going on? What do I do with my life? You gave me this amazing advertising career, and then you gave me this amazing perspective and faith and annihilated my doubts. 

With my eyes closed, like superman, I saw Babaji flying in a white robe, flying over the Himalayas, then floating in a resting place about a foot in front of my face, and he looks at me and says: "Get back to LA and start teaching breathwork."

(RP) When I was done at the Ashram, I contacted my cousin to see my family in India. Went to visit my family relatives.

[48:07] (BY) So you were the one that kickstarted, breaking that old cycle?

[52:45] (BY) Let's segway into that, how did that lead into the creation in The Pure White Light? 

(RP) I wanted to create a container where people can go just as deep as where I've gone, but in a safer, do-able way. Through the integration of coming back into my body, I've had so many magical experience just through breathing.

[56:54] (BY) Walk me through, if I've never experienced one of your workshops, from a layman's perspective, what can one expect in your workshop?

(RP) It's pretty simple

Step 1: Go register. There's an energetic thing that happens when you pay. You are energetically contributing to your healing.

Step 2: You sign a waiver form. This provides a safety of acknowledging that you can go deep.

Step 3: Prompting questions.

Step 4: Explain the basics of breathing

[1:13:52] (BY) Time Machine: What is one thing you would tell yourself if you had an ability to travel back 10, 15 years ago, what would you share with your younger self? 

(RP) Paint more. Where I'm at now in life is just relax and just allow.

[1:15:26] (BY) Where can our listeners find you?

[1:20:28] Final Takeaways from this Part 2

1st takeaway is Rahul's amazing acts of service.  3 foundational pieces to Rahul's rebirth facilitation work:

  1. You're breathing in life force energy, god, prana. You're amplifying that within yourself.
  2. Birth trauma. Anything that went into your birth less that a pure, divine experience.
  3. Harmonizing with the reality of your mother and father. 

2nd takeaway: I feel is best summed up with this quote:

"Listen my child. You should not and cannot fail to be aware of yourself, which is nearer to your heart. Cultivate that awareness. Silence and meditation are the twin aids to peace, power and prosperity." – Mahavatar Babaji

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