Boom VisionTM Podcast

Ep. 40: From Chronic Pains to Thriving: Healing with Dr. Anna Esparham, MD 


“Don't turn away. Keep your gaze on the bandaged place. That's where the light enters you.” Rumi, Sufi mystic

Today's interview is my friend, Dr. Anna Esparham, MD, & Founder of Health Is PowHer,  From sheer determination to heal herself of the chronic pains she had to endure as a young adult, how did Anna go from surviving to thriving?  In today's interview, we dive into:

  1. Dr. Anna's origin story
  2. How her personal journey of chronic pains and autoimmune issues impacted her professional and spiritual journey
  3. Her wide array of services in her toolkit.
  4. What led her to create her Health is PowHer platform
  5. What Dr. Anna does to balance her mind, body and soul.
  6. Advice to our audience on how to start thriving in life!

Show Notes

[3:01] Welcome to episode 40 of the Boom Vision podcast!

I’m excited to share today's interview with my new friend, Dr. Anna Esparham. I first heard Anna in a guest interview on our mutual friend, Heather Fischer-Page's show called The Integra Podcast.  My intuition was telling me to connect with Anna because I knew I had to have her on Boom Vision, and I'm so glad we connected through Heather.

As a brief background:

Dr. Anna Esparham, MD, and founder of Health Is PowHer, is a nationally-recognized physician who healed herself from multiple chronic conditions from near death to issues with chronic pain and autoimmune disease.  She is now a coach helping women heal themselves for good.

Dr. Anna hosts the Health Is PowHer's Podcast, empowering women to take back their health.  She has also conducted several research studies and is published In peer-reviewed medical journals.

She has been featured In the New York Times, Shape Magazine, Healthy Children, and more!

[4:44] - Dr. Anna's origin story

  • Originally wanted to be wildlife biologist
  • Got Peritonitis as a teenager
  • In college got autoimmune polyglandular disease
  • Had a breakdown and surrendered, met with a spiritual coach/mentor to help her connect with her higher self

[17:44]  (BY) Your story reminds me of a quote: - “Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you - all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are.” - Rachel Naomi Remen

[18:28] (BY) Triple-Board Certified Physician: How has your personal journey of chronic pain and autoimmune issues impacted your professional and spiritual journey? At what point did you hit a roadblock with western medicine, where you might have pivoted to a new path? 

[26:04] (BY) Your Tool Kit:  Can you share the various sessions you offer to your clients? From medical intuitive sessions, to hypnotherapy, what are some highlights? 

[33:16] (BY)  Setting it Straight: From western to holistic practitioner, what's a common misconception about alternative medical practices that the general public tends to misunderstand? 

[36:22] (BY) Health is PowHer: I love this brand! Tell me more about what inspired you to start your practice and this brand.

[39:50] (BY) Mind, Body, Soul: What are habits or actions you've incorporated in your personal life that help you balance your mind, body and soul?

[47:33] (BY) Action Steps: For those that may be experiencing chronic pain or autoimmune issues, what are the top 1-2 pieces of advice you can share to help alleviate or heal?

[51:31] (BY) Time Machine: What is one thing you would tell yourself if you had an ability to travel back 10 years ago, before your spiritual awakening, what would you share with your younger self? 

[53:05] (BY) Where can our listeners find you?

[56:14] Final Thoughts

The biggest takeaway I got from today's interview is make yourself a top priority - invest in yourself, give yourself space and time, and connect with your higher self. 

Life can sometimes feel like it's pulling you in all directions, it may throw you some curves balls or roadblocks. If you prioritize your own health as a top priority in your life, if you can approach life with open curiosity, and start strengthening your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being this may help you shift from surviving to thriving.

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