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Episode 16: 3 T's - How to Release Trauma Trapped in Body? with Dr. Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino D.C.


Today's interview is my guest, Dr. Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino D.C., our first guest doctor invited to our show!  Today's interview only scratches the surface of Dr. Ivonne's wide range of experience and tools in her toolkit, a doctor with a holistic approach to her practice and life.  In today's interview, we dive into:

  1. Dr. Ivonne's origin story.
  2. Difference between low force/non force versus force with it comes to chiropractic.
  3. The 3 T's: Thoughts, Trauma and Toxins.
  4. Multiple tools in her 'toolkit': NSA: Network Spinal Analysis, Applied Kinesiology, and NET: Neuro Emotional Technique.
  5. Sharing transformational stories that validated this is the real deal!
  6. Emotional trauma can be trapped in the body, how it can be released.
  7. Action steps to have a balanced mind, body and soul.

Show Notes

[1:45] - Quote: “The first wealth is health.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

[1:57] - Welcome to episode 16 of the Boom Vision podcast! I'm really excited to share today's interview. This a special episode because Dr. Ivonne is our first doctor invited to our show. I'm blessed to have met her last year in a workshop that both my wife and I took together. Not only is Dr. Ivonne such a warm light and healer, I really resonate with how she approaches her practice and life overall because it correlates a lot with what I share on Boom Vision and how I coach my clients. 

I'm excited to have Dr. Ivonne join us today because you'll get to hear from her professional perspectives on how she helps her patients heal their bodies through a holistic approach. Like I've said before, it's all interconnected. 

[2:45] Dr Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino is a Doctor of Chiropractic, who works at the Healing Arts Center of Altadena, CA.  She approaches each practice member as a true individual, with their own masterful design. The goal is focused on facilitation, and a true discovery toward empowerment for each individual who decides they are ready to explore, as a team. Her approach is a call upon the balance between mind, body and spirit. She focuses on structure, biochemistry, nutrition, and emotions - and how they are all interconnected. Dr. Ivonne comes from a family line of healers and facilitators; Her parents are retired mental health workers from her hometown of El Monte in California, and her sister Vanessa is an Acupuncturist who works at the Healing Arts Center alongside her and the team of other amazing Holistic Health Practitioners. Together they have all learned the value of community, and how we are truly all in this wild world together. 

So without further ado, here's  Dr. Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino!:

[4:22] - Dr. Ivonne's origin story.

  • (IFV) It's about love, that is my origin story. This thing of being loved into being, you get to do miraculous things in life.
  • We are unique in that we have our specific gifts, but yet the human experience is this full spectrum of human emotions. 
  • Parents worked in the mental health field. The mind is a realm that's extremely important to acknowledge what's happening in your mind.
  • Right after high school, I went into massage school together with sister.
  • After graduating college, continued to be a massage therapist but noticed she kept referring people to this chiropractor, Dr. Eileen J. Kenny, who I'd like to say saved my life.
  • [8:25] Went I went through my own healing crisis, breakdown breakthrough, she was masterful in finding out what was happening to my chemistry, my thoughts, and my body, and she connected those 3 things together.
  • [8:47] I felt like a veil had lifted from my eyes. My life was forever changed, it was a defining moment.
  • Finally decided to go to chiropractic school 10 years after undergrad.
  • [10:05] All I want to do now is figure out how to facilitate this transformation to make people feel better.

[11:42] - (BY)  What I got from your story is that because you had this curiosity of life but also that you're not afraid to go with the flow, the universe then, it's easy for them to give you signals or experiences to help guide you, and that's not easy for some folks.

(IFV) 100%, and that's like a full body chill, that's one of my intuitive signals that resonates. What are your intuition signaling to you? What are the omens, what's the universe happening for you, not to you? Takes time to trust it though!

[13:21] - (IFV) Now that I've studied all the neuroscience and the cool stuff behind, your body is literally telling you that this is safe. Your whole body and cells is saying that's a yes. 

[14:08] - (BY)  Speaking of gentle, you're a Doctor of Chiropractic. What's the difference between adjustments delivered with low force/non-force versus with force? 

(IFV) It is literally just the execution. It's the force. The beauty of chiropractic, there is over 300 ways of practicing chiropractic.

The same effect is happening on the body, even with low force vs with force.

[15:53] - (IFV) Also, there's something that happens, that your body gets entrained. Because it's energetic. So I now, my body and my spine, they are entrained. That means it adapts. When there is a stressor, my body can release that interference. The body is really meant to have everything that it needs. And you're just facilitating it to have that free flow.

[17:58] - (BY) I'd like to understand this more. I use to go to traditional chiropractor where it was with force. If I now shift to a low-force, will it be just as effective?

(IFV) Yes it's just as effective. What they noticed when they did palpation, the body and person had improvements with just the palpations, low force of touching the spine.

[18:41] (IFV) It places more responsibility on the individuals to actually be active with their care rather than just passive. i.e. "Hey doc, just fix me."

[19:25] NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) founded by Dr. Donald Epstein.

[20:54] (BY) You mentioned NSA. Correct me if I’m wrong, but some of the various 'tools' in your tool kit include, but not limited to: NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), Applied Kinesiology, and NET - Neuro Emotional Technique. Is this pure science or 'woo woo'? Or a blend of both? What drew you to these different 'tools'?

(IFV) It's interesting how chiropractor are defined by others. There's tons of science behind these tools:

- NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). They've done functional MRI's, this has been proven by science as well as muscle tests.  You are literally testing the system to identify where there is a memory that was locked in for survival. 

- You're recalibrating and extinguishing the trauma that was trapped previously. 

[25:03] - Book: Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins M.D. Explains why that muscle test works: it's reflex. It's just a signal to see what your body's response to an external stimulus.

[25:26] - (IFV) The 3 T's: Thoughts, Trauma and Toxins. These are 3 things that your body is either going to absorb, it’s going to match or its going to succumb.

[26:04] - (BY) So when you're saying muscle test, my understanding is that it's another form of communication with a person's subconscious, is that right?

(IFV) Yes, it's a way to communicate with your body's innate intelligence.

[27:41] - (BY) One of the things I've come to realize when I dived into deeper of inner work, the thing that came to me was that "when you heal your past, you heal your present and future." I can't help but hear this when I hear your various tools in your toolkits. Does this statement resonate with you?

[28:31] - (IFV) Yes! That is 100% a big piece of what this is. Acknowledging what is and what was. Another technique is constellations, facilitating constellation works.

- We inherit emotions too.

- You 100% are because time doesn't existing in your spiritual body. Your brain can thing of something 10 years ago and you're right there.

[30:02] (IFV)  Where the healing comes from is acknowledging what is, taking responsibility what is yours, and giving back everything that is not yours.

- The Disney movie Encanto is basically constellation work!

[31:50] - (IFV) It's like that book, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, how many things did you unconsciously agree to?

[32:30] - (BY) We actually met at a constellation workshop at the Healing Art Center!

[35:02] - (BY) What I learned from constellation workshop, when you do not resolve or feel through the emotional pain or trauma, to understand what's the message it's trying to deliver, it goes well beyond our current lifetime, it could be our parents or older generation that still have it and passes it down to younger generation. With this constellation work, you're able to work through and heal it. Is that right?

[36:14] - (IFV) Book: It Didn't Start With You" by Mark Wolynn is a good constellation book. It's the notion of acknowledging what is and it's truly conflict resolution.

- There's family system that's a closed loop.

- There's also business constellation.

- We're carrying that previous energy because we don't want to exclude family, but we can make a choice to change that. Out of faith, we don't want to forget anybody. 

- Constellation is a beautiful movement of resonance so that you can free up the story. 

[40:44] - (BY) I'm really curious, without breaking any confidentiality, are there any experiences or stories of transformations you can share that made you believe: “Wow, this is the real deal!”?

[41:26] - (IFV) There are so many! 

  1. This one woman had a rash from head to toe. She's tried everything. Looked at nutrition, constellation work, and ended up a flower essence cleared everything up in a week. homeopathy. (plant stem cells).
  2. It doesn't take much of the right thing to help.
  3. Mini constellation sessions, where a mother had a major conflict with her son, son wasn't even present in the constellation work. His whole mood shifted just after the work that the mother had done. When you do the work, it ripples to everywhere else.
  4. Personal story: Gluten sensitivity. When Dr. Ivonne went off of gluten, she could finally think clearly. 

[46:46] - (BY) I just want to reiterate this because this is why I really resonate with you. You really look to find the root cause of things, from that perspective, and you look to nip it in the bud, instead of solving the symptoms. 

[47:56] - (IFV) It's the 3 T's, it's the 3 core pillars. It doesn't matter which one gets hit first, the others will follow. It's a deconstruction. The body has a priority of what it's willing to do at that present moment.

[49:33] - (IFV) Image: The beautiful buffet of life. All the fancy things on the table, it doesn't matter. The avenue to get to the finer things in life, it could be a tooth pick, it could be a fork, etc.

[51:01] - (BY) What has been a common misconception about your field that the general public tends to misunderstand?

1. Misconception 1 - "If I go to the chiropractor 3 times a week, I have to go for the rest of my life huh?" That's not true, depends on the person, but that notion that you have to come a million times is not true.

2. Misconception 2: It's dangerous that you might get a stroke. Also not true. It's possible, not probable.

[57:04] - (IFV) It's like the closed pistachio example: Little pistachio, if it's totally shut, it's really a 'closed pistachio', it's difficult to open. 

[58:16] - (BY) In terms of mind, body and soul, what are habits or actions you've incorporated in your personal life that help you balance your mind, body and soul?

(IFV) Chiropractic adjusting or massage. Food and nutrition: high density and clean food. How do you feel when you eat something, before, during and after? Organic, in season, pasture raised. Movement, and now nature hikes and runs each week so the body can recalibrate and recharge.

Book: Dopamine Nation by Dr. Anna Lembke

  • We're meant to be tribal and communal. Ask for help.

[1:03:00] - (BY) For those that might have physical or emotional pain, what are the top 2 pieces of advice you can share to help alleviate or heal?

(IFV) Don't be afraid to reach out for help. Whatever that hard emotion is (in a safe place) you have to feel it to get through it. i.e. You have to get on your own hero's journey. 

- "Don't think, let it sink."

[1:09:21] - (BY) What is one thing you would tell yourself if you had an ability to travel back 10 years ago and share with your younger self to accelerate your spiritual growth? 

(IFV): It was exactly what it was suppose to be, so I'd just tell her, you got it kid you got it! Everything is in it's right time.

[1:11:29] - (BY) Where can our listeners find you?

Dr. Ivonne's information:

[1:13:39] - Wow, I hope enjoyed hearing all the valuable insights from Dr. Ivonne today. There's several seeds of wisdom I got from today's interview:

  1. The 3 T's: Thoughts, Trauma and Toxins.  These are 3 things that your body is either going to absorb, it’s going to match or its going to succumb. The emotional trauma you might be feeling can get stuck in your body, you have to acknowledge it and feel through it to heal it. 
  2. Don't be afraid to reach out for help. We're so caught up in our current world that we sometimes forget to raise our hands and ask for help. Our bodies are meant to move, it's important to have a habit of moving to keep our body in flow. Be curious when it comes to asking for help.
  3. Emotional energy can be generational. When you heal your past, you heal your present and future.  This is at the core of constellation work. What emotional energy is stored in people's physical body or subconscious (SOS), that can get transferred generationally. Know that it's not yours to keep if you choose not to.


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