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Episode 6: How to Listen to Your Authentic Voice with Shari Alexander



“What are conscience? I'll tell ya! A conscience is that still, small voice that people won't listen to.  That's just the trouble with the world today.” - Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

Today's guest is my dear friend, Shari Alexander.  What is your authentic voice? And how listening to your Intuition can help guide you in uncovering your authentic voice? In today's interview, we dive into:

  1. Shari's origin story.
  2. At what point in Shari's career did she finally determine to listen and act on her authentic voice.  
  3. What the most common mistake or blind spot she sees her clients' tend to have.
  4. "Shoulds" vs "Coulds"
  5. What she would say to her younger self.

Show Notes

[1:15] - “What are conscience? I'll tell ya! A conscience is that still, small voice that people won't listen to.  That's just the trouble with the world today." - Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

[1:32] - Hi folks, welcome back to Boom Vision! Today's show we’re going to talk about what is your Authentic Voice? And how listening to your Intuition can help guide you in uncovering your authentic voice.

[2:02] - Sharí Alexander has built her entrepreneurial career on a love and fascination for language. As the founder of Observe Connect Influence, a full-service communication strategy firm, Sharí serves as both coach and consultant. In her coaching with entrepreneurial experts, Sharí helps entrepreneurs identify and leverage their unique voice with their industry. Then she and her team build multi-channel campaigns that align with that voice, educate niche target markets, and drive sales. Outside of her 1-on-1 client work, she also is a professional speaker with training programs that teaches audiences processes and techniques for being more influential in aligned and ethical ways. At the core of her multi-pronged career is a reverence for the power of words and a hope that the more brands and people can educate ourselves about that power of words, the better we can connect with one another to create a positive impact.

So without further ado, here's Sharí:

[3:26] - Sharí origin story.

- Career started working at PR arm of a national non-profit.

- Left to create her own company

- Presenter: Professional Speaker, Conferences, Training, Workshops, Speech Writer.

- Interviewed persuasive experts: CIA field operatives, hostage negotiators, undercover DEA agents, trial attorneys.

[7:28] - (SA) I think that words are most powerful and most untapped tools as human beings. I truly believe that if more of us understood the power of our words and brought more consciousness and awareness to our words, quite frankly I think it can change the world, however grandiose that sounds. 

[8:48] - Inflection Point: (BY) At what inflection point did you come across in your career where you knew this is the path you want to be on?

[11:28] - (BY) It's when you tap into that authenticity, there's a different energy shift within ourselves, but also what you vibrate, what you attract.

[11:47] - (SA) We all have to wear a mask, in some form or fashion. Society slaps a mask on us, whether we like it or not. And it take time to deconstruct that.

[12:37] - (BY) The real question is: Does your voice alter as your presenting that identity?

[14:23] - Listening to your own authentic voice: At what point in your career did you finally determine to listen and act on your authentic voice? 

[15:03] - Book: Letter to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. Discusses the importance of solitude.

Getting rid of the noise to get clear of what's true and what's not, what serves and what doesn't.

[17:38] - (SA) I paid attention to what I was consuming. 

[18:08] - During that time, I asked myself: Why do I consume this? What is it about this that interest me?

[18:59] - As you evolved in your life path, what did you uncover as your superpower?

[19:40] - (SA) Superpower: Being a mirror for my clients.  

[20:48] - (BY) I actually see you as a prism…through you helping that facilitation, you distill...these rainbow of colors. 

[22:29] - What's the most common either mistake or blind spot you see clients' tend to have?

There's a lot of noise in this world. It takes a lot to mute that noise.

There's so many "shoulds" thrown at you. At that clouds so much perspective for clients, it clouds up the 'cans.'

Chasing the hamster wheel of algorithm.

[25:05] - (SA) The ways you can communicate with your target market, the options are boundless!

If you turn inwards and find your authentic can create your own model.  

Don't get wrapped up in the false safety of those 'shoulds.' because then you're missing out on the exponential possibilities of the 'coulds' of your creative map that you can create! 

[27:06] - (BY) I was coaching this entrepreneur: He really helps folks get technical job in programming or leveling up in programming.

He's purchases sales frameworks and was searching for 'shortcuts'.

At end of day, are you really serving a product or are you serving people?

Is your messaging resonating that you are serving people? 

[29:17] - (SA) We forget about context. So much context gets overlooked of: what are your personal strengths and weaknesses.

[29:57] - (SA) You're not responsible for your first thought...You're responsible for that second thought, that third thought, that fourth thought.

[30:46] - (BY) You Inner Voice is just pre-programming from your subconscious, your SOS (Subconscious Operating System).

[32:02] - (BY) Do you find there is a correlation between persuasiveness and self confidence or self worth?

[33:40] - (SA) If you're somebody that's interesting in making an impact, being a catalyst for change and wanting to create positive shifts in our society, or in your target market, or collective consciousness, building the façade of confidence with low self worth, that's a house of cards. That can be built but it will not last long. 

They both can get results, I just think that one last longer than another. One has a deeper impact for change in humanity.

[34:40] - (BY) My takeaway from what you just shared: one can be very persuasive, but if it's not in alignment with your authentic voice, then you're furthering the gap between what you might be good at on the external world. But then what your fulfillment or happiness inside, that when it doesn't harmonize

[35:17] - (BY) Tuning Fork: When folks have created this sound that they know and perfected that this is what society wants to hear.

But if your heart does not want to emit that sound, and it's not in harmonize, the further you ignore that inner sound, you're just not going to be happy and that gap is going to further divide.

[36:58] - (BY) TOM (Top of Mind) Challenge: What’s a common challenge your clients have faced in their role/business right now, and what do you feel is the root cause of that? 

(SA) Challenge: They (entrepreneurs) don't know how to capture that lightening in a bottle.

[40:57] - (BY) What’s one thing about your profession that your peers would disagree with you about?

(SA) You don't need social media folks!

Having the right strategy: there's a difference between selling $5 widgets versus $5 million. 

For my clients, some of the biggest wins as come from mailer campaigns!

IRL: In real life: events, local situations, eye to eye with people, lead to referrals, which lead to clients, etc.

Don't overlook real life interactions.

[47:08] - (BY) If you had the ability to travel back in time in 2011 (10 years ago) and meet yourself, what would be 1 advice you would share to your younger self?

(SA) Just trust yourself girl, just trust yourself. Don't ignore your intuition, don't ignore your inner tuning fork. 

[49:32] - (BY) At end of day, are you learning from your mistakes, or are you learning to trust your intuition?

[50:43] - (BY) Where can people go to connect with you?

Shari's information:

[51:39] - The main takeaway I got from the insights that Shari shared, is that sooner you can trust your intuition, and listening the inner sound of your authentic voice the better this will serve you in your business, your life and career. 

We all have that inner tuning fork that our soul wants to emit. Do you listen to it? Do you cultivate that sound, or are you unintentionally putting it on mute? Whether it's for your business, your career or you've just starting to create your life path, I urge you to start trusting your intuition. The world wants to hear your authentic voice whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not. YOU GOT THIS!

Don't just move your body, move your SOUL!

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