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Episode 14: How Surviving a Deadly Illness Led to Her Purpose with Deniz Günaydin



“If you're stuck, awareness without action will just make you Turkey, there's a proverb: Movement holds abundance. This is the universal truth." - Deniz Günaydin

Today's guest is Deniz Günaydin, Management Consultant and Executive Coach.  Deniz has experienced quite a bit of twists and turns in her life, professionally, physically and mentally.  We dive into how in the midst of her rare and deadly illness, we learn how Deniz overcame this illness, how it lead to her spiritual journey and ultimately redirected her to fulfilling her life's purpose. In today's interview, we dive into:

  1. Deniz's origin story.
  2. How she survived a deadly illness that was life-changing.
  3. Changes in her mindset that helped her overcome her challenges.
  4. The point in her life where she shifted from seeing is believing, to believing is seeing.
  5. Action steps when you are feeling stuck or hitting a wall, that you can take to help you overcome your current challenges!

Show Notes

[1:45] - “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

[1:52] - Hi folks, welcome to episode 14 of the Boom Vision podcast! I'm excited to share today's interview. Our guest today hails from Istanbul, Turkey. She's had a lot of twists and turns in her life, professionally, physically and mentally. When I first connect with Deniz, I resonated with her personal story because she use to be very left brained, 100% logic. It was the life experiences that she had to endure that really opened up her spiritual journey, and with the help of coaches that she trust, she's walking her path of living her soul's purpose.

[2:36] Denis is a Management Consultant, Executive Coach, and Start-up Mentor. After working in the advertising industry for 5 years, Deniz now focuses on consulting and coaching professionals seeking Transformation, Culture, Leadership, and Strategy. Geographically her clients ranges from Turkey, Turkic Republics, Russia and the Middle East Region.

So without further ado, here's Deniz Günaydin!:

[3:05] - Deniz's origin story.

  • Since 2008, been working with management consulting field.
  • In the midst of her career, she got a deadly and rare illness. Inside her spinal cord, there was an unknown, genetic blood vessel allergy illness, causing internal bleeding. High percentage of being either disabled or death. 
  • Found a Turkish doctor that could operate on her. In 2009, before entering the operating room, Deniz prayed to God.
  • [8:57] After fully surrendering to God, Deniz came out of the operation alive.  Although she had a successful operation, the operation did result a feeling disorder. Her nerves constantly signals itch in her legs 24/7. It was a constant nerve feeling in her legs after coming out of the surgery. This made it difficult to sleep, mental health, etc.
  • Had 2nd conversation with God: Wanted to work internationally, somewhere warm. With 2 different job opportunities, she picked the one that's located in Abu Dhabi.
  • Met a guy that wanted to marry her. Moved her back to Istanbul. Marriage lasted for 10 months and was very unhappy.
  • [16:18] End of 2016, she left with no money, no health and no energy. Started planning her suicide. 
  • [16:55] She received 2 phone calls from different angels in her life.
  1. Call from old friend that lives in the US that gave her $10,000 for Deniz to start her own company. Deniz helped him years back, and he wanted to support Deniz without any expectations of returning the money, but Deniz worked hard to repay this money.
  2. Call from university colleague who is now her spiritual teacher.

[18:53] - (BY)  From the ups and downs that you had to go through, were there any changes in your mindset when you were going through your lows in your life that helped you overcome the challenges that you faced?

(DG) Being the drama queen and playing the victim all the time doesn't heal anything and even makes everything worse in life.

[20:04] - 1st Mindset Change: That's why my inner reality and life was giving me exactly what I was vibrating. I really started to understand this with every fiber of my life. Everything was my reflection in my life: ex-husband, ex-boss, illnesses…whatever they are they were serving me.

[21:51] - 2nd Mindset Change:  Understanding that I have a unique universe of my own. I'm fully empowered and accountable to create my own reality.

[22:22] I learned to shift my attention from the external world to my internal work.

[23:03] - 3rd Mindset Change: Remembering to trust God, universe, surrender to the flow.

[25:10] - (BY) Just to recap what I heard from you:

  1. Having the awareness for yourself and having a curious mindset: why things are happening for you rather than to you. It's quieting the mind, to having deeper thoughts rather than chaotic thoughts.
  2. Creating your own universe. Similar analogy, we tend to be thermometers rather than thermostat. 
  3. Trusting the process, universe, and go with the flow and have fun with it!

[27:14] - (BY) We both use to have an older paradigm, where seeing is believing. At what point did you start shifting that believing is seeing?

[27:45] - (DG) I use to be very scientific person. Part of me was curious but also very skeptical.

[30:30] - (DGWhen I received that phone call from my university colleague, he said to me even things that no one else knew (mom, dad, friends). When I visited him in his office, I saw a completely different person compared to the university days.

He said he was very aware of my life conditions and her plans for suicide. So he asked her, what do you really want to heal about yourself? Deniz said she wanted to heal her feeling disorder in her legs. 

[32:40] - Her friends said he can help. As a healer he can help her soul to heal itself. So after a 1.5 session, he asked her to stand on her feet. She had an anxiety crisis because she forgot how it feels not to have her nerves triggered. He found a way to heal her feeling disorder.

[35:26] - (DG) When she said, 'Come on, I'm just a management consultant, I'm not a healer." Her friend replied: You are not your title or career. You are your soul, you are a human being, You are the healer of your life and yourself, and you are a creator of your life. Her spiritual journey started with a physical evidence/experience.

[39:00] - (BY) Action Steps: For those that feel stuck or hitting a wall, what are 1 or 2 action steps share to help them overcome the current challenges they might be feeling?[39:26] - (DG) 

  1. Sit with yourself: You have to listen to your inner world. Discover the best way to enable you to listen to your own truth.
  2. If you're feeling stuck, awareness without action will just make you frustrated.
  3. [43:30] Old Turkish Proverb: Movement holds abundance. If you want to feel abundant in life or work, you need to move forward.

[44:26] - Courageous people are not the fearless ones because this is our nature. Instead, the courageous people know and are aware of their fears. 

[45:17] - (BY) Time Machine: What is one thing you would tell yourself if you had an ability to travel back 20 years ago and share with your younger self? 

(DG): Follow your intuition. If you learn to listen to your intuition, make it as your decision making compass. Then learn to be in the present with your 100% being in your life. 

[47:23] - (BY) What I learned from Tony Robbins seminars is "Emotions is energy in motion."

[47:44] - (DG) Sharing an example: She was the worst loser in love relationship. She was always attracting narcissist. When she healed herself, one of her spiritual coaches told her, "Please move". With this advice, she went to a café and ended up sitting next to her future husband.

[51:29] - (BY) Where can our listeners find you?

Deniz's information:

[53:27] - Wow, I hope you enjoyed today's interview with Deniz. There's some great nuggets of wisdom I got from today's interview:

  1.  Old Turkish Proverb: Movement holds abundance. It's like what Deniz said: If you're feeling stuck, awareness without action will just make you frustrated. However, movement holds abundance. If you're looking for more abundance in your life, in your business/career, in love and your relationship, you need to take action in moving forward.
  2. [54:08] Courage holds the rewards in life. Courage does NOT mean you are fearless. It means you are aware of what you fear, you accept it, and you have courage to take that step in moving forward. Remember what I shared before? FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). It's start with your mindset. What you see, what you hear and what you feel internally magnifies your inner and outer world.


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