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Episode 12: How to Connect with Your Soul GPS (Intuition) with Bridget Wang



“Your spark isn't your purpose. That last box fills in when you're ready to come live. And the thing is, you're pretty great at jazzing.” - Joe Gardner in Soul.

Today's guest is my good friend, Bridget Wang, Soul Freedom Coach.  Bridget shares with us how you can distinguish how your intuition (your Soul GPS and internal guidance) is communicating with you.  In today's interview, we dive into:

  1. Bridget's origin story.
  2. What is your 'shadow side'?
  3. What she feels is a common block that her clients might have that doesn't allow them to access or trust their own intuition.
  4. How to distinguish between ego and intuition?
  5. The most common misconception about healing and energy work.
  6. Couple of action steps you can do to build up your intuition muscle!

Show Notes

[1:34] - “Your spark isn't your purpose. That last box fills in when you're ready to come live. And the thing is, you're pretty great at jazzing.” - Joe Gardner in Soul.

[1:52] - I'm excited to kick off 2022 with today's interview. We're going to hear from my good friend Bridget Wang and learn how she mastered how to listen to her own intuition, as well as how she serves her clients that feel emotionally stuck. If you recall in Episode 8 when I interviewed Jonathan Lu, today's guest is Jonathan's wife!

Bridget Wang is a Soul Freedom Coach. She has helped hundreds of clients in the past 12 years to be free from their emotional & mental prison that created ongoing self-doubt, judgments, criticism, and sabotaging patterns. She does this by helping her clients to clearly be in tune with themselves, trusting and allowing their internal Divine Guiding System to co-create with her clients the lives that’s most aligned with their truth, bliss and highest calling.

Bridget is a strong believer that WE all are the INFINITE POWERFUL CREATOR of our lives, and that each individual on this earth can mold and create their reality that’s most truthful & aligned with their highest bliss. Bridget absolutely loves to see as many beautiful souls as she possibly can to use this life experience as a powerful canvas to start creating the lives people want in the most joyful, authentic, empowering way!

So without further ado, here's Bridget Wang!:

[4:02] - Bridget's origin story.

[7:35] - (BY) What would you say is a superpower that you've gained?

(BW) Honesty and see beyond the surface level: I am so honest with my own shadow side, that I allow myself to process through it, love myself through it.

Help guide people, deep within their soul, to see and understand the parts of them that needs the most love, understanding and support.

[8:48] - Shadow Side(BY) When you say 'shadow side', can you explain that definition? 

(BW) Shadow side: I'm realizing that Shadow is just the part that we haven't shined line on.

I invite you to ask different questions: What if there's no good or bad about your higher self, or your ego, or your intuition, or your inner voice. They're all sort of type of internal guidance.

[12:50] - (BY) Once it express itself, that's when healing really starts right?

[14:38] - (BY) What drew you towards this path of intuitive healing? What it something that pulled you towards this calling? Or do you feel the life circumstances you experienced from your childhood pushed you towards this path?

[17:11] - (BW) #1 thing I got out of this journey: Knowing that I have this tool to literally change my life anytime I want, whatever circumstances that comes up and triggers me. I have the tool to walk myself through it, love myself through it, and process through it.

[19:18] - (BY) What do you feel is a common block that your clients might have that doesn’t allowing them to access or trust their own intuition? 

[20:01] - (BW) Their intuitions are talking to them, but they don't know that it's their intuition. 

[21:28] - (BW)

  1. Whenever you have a certain expectation of how your intuition is suppose to communicate with you, it's a lot easier to miss the communication that's coming to you and through you.
  2. I honestly believe, everyone on this planet, we do follow our intuition, on one level or another.

(BW) Question: Is there any certain attachment, or are looking to experience in that area of your life, that is blocking you from flowing with your intuition, from flowing your creativity?

[24:26] - (BY) How can one distinguish between ego and intuition? Or maybe from your journey when you first started off?

(BW) When my intuition comes to me, it feels blissful, it feels easy, it feels flowy. 

How I know it's my intuition: 

  1. Those feelings keep coming back to me. If I don't listen to it, it feels so wrong for me to not listen to that guidance.
  2. Trust your body.
  3. Everybody's experience on their own intuition will be very different. How does it talk to you? How do you receive it? 

[31:03] - (BW) We are so use to this realm of hustle and grind. When we are just busy with hustle and grind, is that faster? Or is it actually sitting down, calm ourselves down and listen. What if we pause from the hustle and grind world, and pause to our internal infinite divine wisdom world. Would it be possible to we receive answers, inspirations, ideas, connections, synchronicities, that can give us a short cut?

[32:35] - Understand (BY) I'd love to understand what you mean by Understanding? What does that word means to you and how do you feel that word is relevant in what people are going through today?

[38:04] - (BY) What is a common misconception about your healing and energy work? 

(BW) Once you work on this issue, it's done, I don't need to work on it anymore? However, that layer is done, but there's multiple layers.

Misconception: Once I work on it, it's done. This work is a life's work, it's a journey. It's an experience, a process and journey of understanding yourself.

[40:17] - (BY) Action Steps: What are 1 or 2 action steps you recommend our audience can do to build up their intuition muscle? 


  1.  [40:25]  Get to know your intuition. Go to a quiet place where it's just you and yourself. Get a journal or computer and start establishing communication with your intuition. Start asking questions. Hey, how will I know it's you talking to me?
  2. [42:05]  Have fun and play with your intuition! Take a Sunday walk and go on a hike. Set the intention for the day.  Experience your beautiful relationship with your intuition.

[46:59] - (BY) Time Machine: What is one thing you would tell yourself if you had an ability to travel back 10 years ago and share with your younger self? 

(BW): I would tell her, I love you and I'm very proud of you. For making all the hard decisions that didn't make sense to you. I'm proud of you for working through all the challenges and doubts. It's ok, it's all part of the process.

[48:49] - (BY) Is there something today, is there a questions I didn't ask yet that you feel would be really helpful for the audience to hear?

(BW) Reinforcement of what I shared earlier: There's even gifts within the judgements that you have for yourself. I really would love for you to look at those negative inner voices at a different perspectives. I invite you to go in a different angle. What is this serving? What clue is it telling me?

[53:16] - (BY) Where can our listeners find you?

Bridget's information:

[54:28] - There's quite a few takeaways I got from Bridget:

  1. What if there's no good or bad about your higher self, or your ego, or your intuition, or your inner voice. What if all of these things serve as an internal guidance? It does not necessarily mean you need to mute your ego or inner voice. It might be sending you a message, do you take the time to listen and speak with it, to try and understand it?
  2. What Bridget shared of the most common misconception about energy work. It's the notion that once I work on it, it's done. The reality is that it's a life's journey, it's a continual experience and journey of understanding your true self.
  3. Third takeaway is: spend some time, in a quiet place to learn how your intuition is communicating with you. Part of why people don't know how to trust their own intuition is because they're not giving themselves the permission and space to quietly connect with themselves and understand how their own intuition is signaling and communicating. It's different for everyone, does your intuition communicate with you through body sensations? Do you see images or visions? Or do you hear a distinct voice?


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