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Episode 5: Letting Go: Learning How to Let Go of Your Bananas!



“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” - Yoda in Star Wars.


Yoda has so many seeds of wisdom, but that quote really stuck with me.  Do you find it difficult for you to LET GO of everything you fear to lose? 

If you find it hard to let go of certain things in you life, have you every asked yourself, in a calm state of mind: "What do I truly gain from holding onto whatever it is I'm holding on to?"  Is your intuition signaling you to let go of something, but you just don't know how?  In today's episode, I'll be sharing:

  1.  Story of why it's important to let go
  2.  What are the "Bananas" that you are holding on to?  
  3.  Action steps you can take on how to build the important habit of letting go.

Show Notes

[0:21] - “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” - Yoda in Star Wars.

[0:53] - So, let me ask you, if you find it hard to let go of certain things in you life, have you every asked yourself, in a calm state of mind, What do I truly gain from holding onto whatever it is I'm holding on to?

Is your intuition signaling you to let go of something, but you just don't know how?

In this episode, I'm going to:

  • share a story of why it's important to LET Go,
  • what are the "Bananas" that you are holding on to, and
  • action steps on how to build the important habit of letting go, let's cue the intro!  

[1:48] - Welcome back to Boom Vision folks! Today's show is about something I know everyone can relate to but hard to execute: how to let go.   This is probably one of the hardest habits to master, and truth be told, this is one I continue to learn throughout my life.

[2:08] - Story: Animal Hunter, Monkey and Banana.

[4:59] The main takeaway from this story is being aware of the importance of learning when to let go.  Letting go isn’t just about ego or the need to be right.  Your ‘banana’ could also be your fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of not being perfect, fear of embarrassment, fear to start. 

  • What did I saw previously about FEAR? FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real (F E A R) Your "banana" could also be the emotional pain you felt in the past that you consciously or subconsciously hold onto. You may feel by holding onto your emotional pain is serving to protect yourself from future pain. But let me ask you.

[5:43] Question: How many times did you need to touch a hot stove to know not to touch a stove when it's hot? Usually, it's just once, right? If you learned not to touch a stove when it's pipping hot, you remember that experience, but you don't relive that painful burn everything you see a hot stove, do you?

  • Moral of story: Let go of your bananas!! Learn when to LET GO of your bananas!

[6:21] - Car Analogy: Throughout the years of coaching others, majority of clients are initially focused on upgrading to a faster car. If their business or career is their vehicle, 

  1. Stuck: Hit a ceiling and don't know how to break that invisible ceiling
  2. Speed: they're want a faster car: more revenue, faster growth, etc.

However, what I always share with my clients is that is never about the car, it's always about the driver. Sometimes what's holding you back, isn't cuz your acceleration is slow or horsepower isn't enough, it's the 1,000 pound emotional baggage that you've subconsciously storing in the trunk of your car. That's truly slowing you down from getting to where you want to go! You upgrade to a faster car, but what they don't realize is that their heavy baggage still gets transferred in their new trunk, unless you identify your root cause and you learn how to let go.

[7:31] - Takeaway: Learning when and how to let go is a powerful habit to built because it correlates to how well your IA (Internal Alternator) operates, what I mentioned in Episode 4: Is your IA recharging or discharging your mental and physical energy?

[7:51] - Quote: "Things you own end up owning you" - Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

Tyler Durden said this in the context of the things you own in the physical world, like home accessories and furniture: The things you own in the physical world end up owning you.  

However, the same can be said about the beliefs and limiting beliefs.

If you have limiting beliefs or an old SOS (Subconscious Operating System) that you choice to own, guess what? They end up owning you if you decide to hold on to your limiting beliefs or outdated SOS software. Think of them as old bananas that's been collecting dust in the trunk of your car.

[8:54] - Personal Story: Part 2

Now, if you remember my personal story I shared in the 4th Episode about  Intuition, I experienced a fairly traumatic experience in middle school. It wasn’t until decades later when I started my spiritual journey with my wife and really doing more inner work, that I realized I was holding onto the belief that I needed to create this Emotional on/off Switch as an act of self protection.   Not only did this cause my IA (Internal Alternator) to operate inefficiently, but it also hindered my ability to trust and strengthen my intuition.

In my self reflection, my choice in creating my emotional switch was  doing more unseen harm than perceived good. I was blocking my progress in trusting my feelings to receive and strengthen my intuition signals.

Once I realized and fully understood that my emotional switch was no longer serving me in a helpful way. I took that huge step of realizing and acknowledging, I really need to let this go.

[10:19] - When I started my spiritual journey with my wife around 9 years back, we started to get exposure to different healing modalities. Like Theta Healing, Reiki Healing, and most recently, we attended this Psych-K workshop.

Depending on your beliefs, whether you believe or open to healing energy work, I'll say this:

I use to strongly believe that seeing is believing. By becoming more open minded and being curious, not judgmental, I found that I came more receptive to healing energy work when I tackled this strong limited believe. I recognized I needed to remove this emotional switch because it was no longer serving me in a helpful way.

After experiencing this healing energy work, holy cow, I remember for the next few weeks, I was a hot mess! You have to understand, when I created that emotional switch, it was turned off by default. I would barely let any emotions come through to me because my ego and conscious mind was on full protection mode. By removing the switch it was like my emotional flood gate broke free. 

[11:41] - Whatever movie I would watch with my wife, it didn't matter if it was Wreak-it Ralph, Les Miserable, or Life of Pi, if what I was watching was touching or emotional, I had full on tears flowing down my face.

I remember watching something with my wife, and I'm balling, and telling her, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!?

It was like I can't stop crying and it really started freaking me out. And this went on for weeks. But what I recognized was that my body needed to recalibrate. Imagine keeping an emotional floodgate closed for decades, and in one moment, you make it disappear. All of that pent up emotions was never allowed to flow through your body and mind. My physical and mental body did not know how process and handle this cuz my IA was re-learning how to convert my emotional energy to electrical signals that trigger my emotions and physical body. All I can say is that this was a process that needed to happen. I knew I cannot suppress and hold the emotional energy back.

[12:57] - I will say this, and this is really important. Whether you are in a relationship or not, having a support system that understand and can be there for you makes a world of difference. The fact that my wife was with me in this spiritual journey together, she was really understanding and patience when I was emotionally recalibrating. It was so ironic because when we first started dating, she would cry at movies and I was stone cold. And now I'm a hot mess in practically every movie I see with an emotional scene, and she doesn't even shed a tear.

[14:05] - Takeaway: The main takeaway I want you to know in sharing my journey of letting go, is that letting go is a process. This is a large part of why Boom Vision is about Imagination, Voice and Intuition.

  • You have to mentally see what is possible, in a new reality of letting go what doesn't serve you
  • You have to mentally hear what you say to yourself, in a future where you've let go.
  • and you have to feel what happens, in a reality where you've already let go.

When you're able to mentally see, hear and feel a new possibility, a new reality, you're giving yourself the environment that what you initially though was a giant leap of faith, it just a step of faith, that'll give yourself a better chance that you'll take that step. 

The key is having a support system, whether it's your partner, family, or friends, that'll be there for you as you go through this process because depending on how deep rooted your limiting believe and negative emotion you attached to that experience, your body will need some time to recalibrate your IA and how your emotional energy converts and flows in your body.

[16:14] - ACTION STEPS you can take in this week's episode. Pick one limiting belief that you really want to change. CAL Method

  1. C: Calm yourself with whatever methods work for you. Breathing exercise, meditation, yoga or running.
  2. A: Awareness. What bananas are you holding onto? Which ones have stronger negative emotions attached to your bananas?
  3. L: Language: Ask yourself this question: What possible good can happen if I let go? 

We already know what happens if you hold onto your banana (PSST, you're already doing it!), so just take a pause and ask yourself, what would it look hypothetically like if I let it go? Using your Imagination: Is there anything good or positives that you can possibly to gain from letting go? What would that alternate future look like for you?

[17:45] - I get this part of the exercise may be difficult for you, so I ask that you be kind to yourself. You're just imagining a hypothetically here can you see a positive future if you didn’t hold onto whatever it is you’re holding onto?  Why this step is so difficult but necessary, is that your mind needs to see the possibility of positive gain from letting go for you to believe that it's possible. 

[18:43] - Question: Can you forgive?

Ok, this one is hard.  I want to acknowledge and honor you on this step.  This is probably the hardest step in the process.  The question I really want you to ask yourself is: can you forgive yourself for holding onto your banana?  

I probably triggered a whole host of emotions by asking this question so hear me out.  You cannot change what has happened.  You cannot change how it made you feel in that past moment, but you can change how it makes you feel when you think about that that past experience, today and going forward.

By forgiving yourself of holding onto your banana for as long as you did, you're acknowledging to yourself that it's safe to move forward in a new reality where you're not holding the banana and you have freedom.


How you gain confidence and momentum in flexing this new habit of letting go is celebrating your wins, no matter how big or small. Celebrating gives your conscious mind validating that you're believing what you're seeing in this new reality. So when you let go, celebrate it! Share with a friend or partner, treat yourself to something you like, etc.  You need to celebrate and associate a new positive emotion that that act of letting go.  It's like letting that positive emotion wrap around you like a warm blanket so that if you ever see that banana pop up in your life (and it will), you know better and you'll just move on. No cage is going to hold you back!

[20:27] - "Let it go...let it roll right off your shoulders..." 

Folks, the hardest part is over when you learn how to let go.  In case you don't know which song I'm referring to, the song is called "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas. It's really a heartwarming song and it was in the Disney Movie called "Meet the Robinsons" which I felt was very underrated because it's such a great story that I'd highly recommend you guys watch!

I'd love to hear what unfolds for you from today's episode. Did you have any inner breakthroughs? In doing the actions steps of letting go, did any outer breakthroughs result from it?

If you gained any value from today's episode, I would greatly appreciate it if you share a review or comment on what impact you've experienced. Share this episode with someone you feel can benefit in hearing this. It's really great to have a support system as you're letting go of your limiting beliefs and recalibrating your Internal Alternator, so the more you share your journey with your loved ones or friends, the easier this process can become as you build this valuable habit.

Don't just move your body, move your SOUL!

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