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Episode 4: Intuition: How to Trust and Build Your Intuition!



Have you ever talked on a phone with your friend or loved one and have this strange sense that something is off? Have you ever been given a choice or opportunity, and it sounds attractive, but your gut and inner voice is pulling a Star Wars and saying "I got a bad feeling about this!"

How often have you experiences fleeting moments of intuition that's pointed you to one direction, but you go another direction and realized in hindsight you should have listened to your own intuition?  Today we'll be diving into the world of Intuition:

  1. The strength of your Intuition is correlated to  how well your IA is operating.
  2. What is IA (or Internal Alternator)?  
  3.  Key ingredients on how to activate and strengthen your intuition.
  4. Action steps you can take to exercise your intuition muscle.

Show Notes

[0:00] - “Magic is the bloodstream of the universe. Forget all you know, or think you know. All that you require is your intuition.” - High Aldwin in Willow.

[0:20] - Have you ever talked on a phone with your friend or loved one and have this strange sense that something is off?

Have you ever been given a choice or opportunity, and it sounds attractive, but your gut and inner voice is pulling a Star Wars and saying "I got a bad feeling about this!"

How often have you experienced fleeting moments of intuition that pointed you to one direction, but instead you went with another, and realized in hindsight you should have listened to your own intuition in the first place? 

[0:58] - Quote: "I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am.” - Albert Einstein

[1:11] - In today's episode, we've got tons to cover as we dive into the world of intuition!

  • The strength of your intuition is correlated to how well your IA is operating.
  • What is IA (or Internal Alternator)? 
  • Key ingredients on how to activate and strengthen your intuition. 
  • Do you want to make better intuitive decisions in your life? You'll want to listen in, let's cue the intro! 

[1:59] - Welcome back to Boom Vision folks! I'm so excited to share today's topic: Intuition

As Marty McFly would say in Back to the Future: "This is heavy Doc!" Cuz you know what? This is heavy cuz there's tons to unpack here!

[2:16] - As a quick refresh, intuition is one of 3 core pillars in building a powerful, inner mindset. Those 3 core pillars are: Imagination, Voice, and Intuition.

What are these 3 things core pillars of building a strong mindset? The reason why these 3 things are so important is because your Imagination is what enables your mind to see. Your Voice (or Inner Voice) is what your mind hears and your Intuition is what your soul wants you to feel.

[3:03] - QuestionWhat's the benefit of being able to use your intuition? Why is intuition important in your life? 

Textbook definition of intuition: Ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

[3:19] - I believe this is true, but I'd like to give this definition & meaning some more context.  I want to share what my beautiful friend Sabrina Bolin (<-Link provided, a Soul Alignment Coach) has shared with me, which is that "Intuition is beyond thought, not before thought."

[3:44] - The textbook definition of intuition, can be interpreted in different ways depending on context. Ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning is saying your intuition is giving you a signal before your conscious mind (or thoughts) come into play. But if you interpret this as before thought, that could be your instincts kicking in. As humans, we have survival instincts, also known as fight-or-flight. That's different from Intuition. But if you interpret it as beyond thought, that's coming from a higher source, that's coming from a gut feeling that's being sharing with you.

[4:34] - How many times in your life have you said to yourself, after the fact, man, I WISH I followed my gut feeling cuz that totally was the right call?!

You can tell yourself you're learning from those decisions, but yet, did you learn to trust your intuition?

[5:00] - Question: How do we start cultivating our sense of feeling and confidence, to ultimately activate and strengthen our intuition?

Before I dive into the how, let me first explain how how energy works through our body, because it's all interconnected.

[5:16] - Quote: ""Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can only be changed from one form to another." - Albert Einstein

What's fascinating is that emotional energy works the same way. Emotion is energy in motion. What we feel, what we think, the state of mind we are in carries different energy with it. 

[5:46] - In this context, once your emotional energy is activated, emotional energy can only change from one form to another.

[6:03] - If you choose to suppress your emotional energy, meaning, if you hold onto that emotion, or bottle up your emotions rather than allowing your emotions to flow in it's natural state, 1 of 3 things happen. That emotional energy will go to 1 of 3 places:

[6:14] - That emotional energy transfers to 3 locations:

  1. A different part of your conscious mind (i.e. state of mind), or
  2. A different part of your S.O.S. (Subconscious Operating System), or
  3. A different part of your physical body.

[6:36] - Examples of transferring to Conscious Mind.

[7:37] - Examples of transferring to SOS.

[8:35] - Examples of transferring to physical body.

[8:40] - There's a yoga pose called: Pigeon Pose. This pose can be a little bit challenge cuz it's meant to open up your hip to increase energy flow in that area. This pose is really interesting because it activates your second chakra, Sacral Chakra, which is known as the emotional bank of the human body.

[9:32] - Recap and Takeaway: "Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  It can only be changed from one form to another." - Albert Einstein.  Emotional energy works the same way!

[10:16] - What is IA (Internal Alternator)?

First, let me explain what a car alternator: An alternator is a type of electric generator used in modern automobiles to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running.

  • Example: Leaving the light on in a car overnight.

[11:33] - Takeaway: The Alternator in your car is an important piece because the alternator takes the mechanical energy, generates electricity, and sends this electrical energy to the motor that is recharging your car battery.

[11:48] - Your Internal Alternator (IA) is the important piece that converts and transforms your Emotional Energy in your body. 

  • Your Internal Alternator takes your Emotional Energy and generates electric energy throughout your body that can impact your physical body, conscious mind and subconscious mind. 
  • How well your Internal Alternator (IA) operates will impact how you recharge or discharge your body's physical and mental energy.

[12:29] - Example of how your IA can recharge your body: The Last Dance documentary by ESPN and Netflix. This a great documentary was about Michael Jordan's life and amazing career in basketball.

[13:13] - Example of how your IA can discharge your mental and physical body: my personal story in middle school.

[17:22] - Something shifted. I basically created this switch, where from an act of protecting myself, I will emotionally shut off

[17:41] - When you combine an intense intense feeling of alone and hurt, that creates a powerful imprint in your conscious and subconscious mind. Because of this traumatic experience and the painful emotions I attached around this experience, I consciously and subconsciously altered my IA (Internal Alternator).

[18:06] - Results: I inadvertently blocked my progress to activate and trust my own intuition.  

[18:18] - By internally creating this switch to turn off my emotions, I altered by Internal Alternator so that I would emotionally shut down when my conscious mind or ego senses any fear of getting emotionally hurt. 

But what is fear? Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real (F E A R). It's the perception and assumption that there is possible emotional danger ahead.

Takeaway: By not allowing myself to let the emotional energy to convert and flow through my body and letting it go, My conscious mind decided that day to instead, hold on and attach the emotional pain I felt that day with what I perceived as a traumatic experience as an act to protect myself.

Question: Can any of you related to this with your past experiences where you might have felt emotional pain?

[19:37]Main Takeaway: In hindsight, how I altered my IA to discharge the energy my body would feel by emotionally shutting down, this really hindered my ability to activate and strengthen my intuition.  Mainly because I was unable to trust my own feelings

Can you see when my Internal Alternator is not working properly, I am essentially pushing the mute button of my intuition, and blocking my ability to see or listen to my Soul's GPS?

[20:39] - This is WHY I spend a lot of time to explain how important to have awareness of how your IA (Internal Alternator) is operating and to be aware of how your emotional energy is flowing through your body because you want to create an environment where you can see, listen or feel what your soul's GPS is guiding you. 

[21:13] - Key Ingredients to activating & strengthening your intuition is a combination of 2 things: 

  1. Awareness of how well your IA (Internal Alternator) is working Is it flowing freely or do you hold on and suppress your emotional energy?
  2. Calming your state of mind to more easily "receive" the subtle signals of your beyond GPS (soul's GPS)

[21:55] - Another perspective on how to understand your own intuition is that it acts both as:

  1. Blind spot detection, and 
  2. Your Soul's GPS that's beyond thought, or beyond GPS.

[22:10]Blind spot detection example

[22:59] - Beyond Thought/ Beyond GPS example. The same can be said about your Soul's GPS. Now this is where you really have to pay attention to how your Soul's GPS is communicating with you.  It could be visual, auditory, or feeling

[23:57] - Action Steps: CAL Method

  • Calming: Do exercises that can calm your inner state of mind, quite that wind tunnel.
  • Awareness: Are you aware of letting your feelings flow, or do you hold and suppress your emotional energy? Is your current IA (Internal Alternator) efficiently or inefficiently converting your emotional energy to recharge or discharge your energy overall?  
  • Language: Asking the right questions.

[25:44] - Using your imagination, imagine you are talking to your higher self and ask yourself a question. 

  • Rather than asking, "Should I take this opportunity?"  "Should I go this direction?"...
  • Rephrase your question to "Is this opportunity the highest and best for me at this moment?" or "Will taking this direction be helpful in my life at this moment?"
  • Take a moment to just sit still with that question and see what unfolds. You might see a vision, you might hear a voice that's different from your Inner Voice. Or your body might start feeling a sensation. Pay attention and write them down in your journal.

[26:37] - Action Steps: So for the next 3 days, do you best in making time to take these action steps. Learning how to activate your intuition takes practice and patience. If it doesn't come naturally in the beginning, please don't stress about it. You have to give yourself the space to be open and curious, all that I ask is that you don’t give up.

[27:10] - Final Thoughts:

Quote: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

Folks, I love for you to cultivate your intuition, this such a powerful gift that can serve you well if you practice and strengthen with a calm and open mind.

Quote: "Be curious, not judgmental" by Walt Whitman

To allow yourself to start trusting your intuition, you have to be curious. If your Inner Voice has old pre-programming SOS that's speaking from more of a judgmental tone, just stop it. Give yourself the space to be curious, and not judgmental

Your intuition is a powerful ability to nurture, if you just give yourself the space to be curious and ask different questions

Don't just move your body, move your SOUL!

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