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Episode 2: Voice: How Much Your Inner Voice Impacts How You Manifest Your Life!



Quote: "Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice." - Steve Jobs. 

This is so true!  But do you know who drowns out your own inner voice the most?  You being your own worst critic.  In today's episode, we're going to explore: 

  1. How much your voice, or inner voice, magnifies or narrows your ability to manifest what you want in life.  
  2. How much your day is run by your conscious versus subconscious mind, and 
  3. How you can reprogram your inner voice using what I call the CAL method. 

Show Notes

[3:40] - Map of the conscious and subconscious mind

> Video Link: "Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind"

  • Conscious Mind: Is our Creative Mind, is where our creativity resides.
  • Subconscious Mind: Is our programmed mind, it's where our internal operating system resides. This is where our autopilot program is installed. 
  • Guess what? Our inner voice is powered by our subconscious mind.

In the same video by Dr. Bruce Lipton: 70% of the programs we download for our subconscious mind are negative and disempowering. That means as a toddler, you hear 2 no's for every 1 yes. No wonder the way you see the world is half empty instead of half full!

[7:25] - Ways to reprogram Conscious and Subconscious Mind: CAL Method

[7:39] - Step 1. C - Calming: Making efforts to calm your conscious mind. Some great forms of calming your mind is meditation, or simply just focusing on your breathing full breaths for 1 minute. 

[8:12] - Story: Wind Tunnel Game in Pier 39

Takeaway: This is why meditation is important and why it WORKS, it's simply turning the off button in the wind tunnel machine.

[10:04] - Step 2.  A - Awareness: Pay attention to the language you use and the questions you ask. 

a) This 2nd step of Awareness is about being aware of your current Inner Voice. Throughout the day, do you use more negative talk, positive talk, or balance of both?

b) What negative talk, phrases or words, do you hear your self saying? Write them down so you can see if there is any patterns

[10:32] - Step 3. L - Language:

Question: Are you currently running IOS Version 1.0 or version 14.0, the latest version? What language are you using?

[11:18] - Story: Are you a Problem Solver or Solution Creator?

[13:45] - Secret Recipe on transform your default future: Reprograming your inner voice.

The secret ingredient is Language and Questions

  • Language: What you say both consciously and subconsciously reaffirms and manifest your thoughts, vibrations, and your future.
  • Questions: What questions you ask yourself reframe and redirects your present and future reality. 

[14:30]Action Steps you can take for the next 3 days

1) Notice the language you use when you describe your state of being. Do you say "I'm tired, or I'm so busy, or I don't have enough time." Do you use phrases like "I can't wait to do X", or "When X happens, I'll get to do Y" Instead, can I empower you to use different phrases like…."I AM", "I DESERVE"

CAL Method

  • Calming: I want you to spend a moment, whether it's a minute or several minutes to just focus on your breathing or meditate.
  • Awareness: When you have the awareness of any negative speak in your inner voice, I want you to write them down.
  • Language: Language: Think of what language you want to replace your negative language with. 

If you want more confidence, declare out loud, I AM Confident.  

If you want more joy and happiness, declare out loud, I AM Joy, I AM Happiness, I deserve Joy and Happiness.

Do you know why the words "I AM" is so powerful? It's like create short keys in your operating system. You have to be careful that what you declare is with clarity and positive intent. 

What you put your Intention to, what Actions you take that follows it, you give it power and energy, you Manifest it. 

I AM, I  A  M. What you put your INTENTION, "I", what ACTIONS you take, "A". you give power and MANIFEST "M". I AM. That's why declaring it out loud makes it so powerful! So have clarity in what your positive Intention is, take bold ACTION in declaring it out loud, and in doing so, you're telling the universe you are ready to MANIFEST it!

2) Questions: Are you asking the right questions? Are you focus or emphasizing on why something happened? Or are you focusing on what seeds to plant today to create an alternative outcome/reality? Are the questions your asking have an undertone of lack or self confidence? Or are the questions you're asking leading to progress?

Action Step (Questions): Take a mental step back and ask yourself, are you asking the right questions? Are you are being a Solution Creator? Or are you being a problem solver? Are you being a Solution Creator, or are you being a Problem Solver?

[18:39] - Final Thoughts: Recap

Quote: In the beautiful words of Robin Williams. "Make your life spectacular!"


Don't just move your body, move your SOUL!

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