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Ep. 26: Unlock Your Potential with Human Design w/ Heather Fischer-Page 


Quote: “Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” - Eckhart Tolle

Today's interview is my guest, Heather Fischer-Page, Holistic Wellness Mentor.  From being a Quantum Human Design expert, EFT and hypnotherapy, Heather serves her clients through what she calls the Integra Wellness Method: addressing the Whole You: from mind, to body, to spirit and soul.  What is the Human Design modality? How is this different from a personality test and more importantly, how can this help you unlock your potential?  In today's interview, we dive into:

  1. Heather's origin story
  2. How she redirected to her soul's path.
  3. Human Design: Is it woo, is it science or mix of both?
  4. Difference between personality tests (MBTI, DiSC) versus Human Design.
  5. Sharing 2 types of Human Design: Emotional Generator (Alchemist), and, Emotional Projector (Orchestrator)
  6. Her advice and final takeaways for folks seeking better understanding of themselves.

Show Notes

[2:49] - Quote: “Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” - Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to episode 26 of the Boom Vision podcast! Folks, I'm happy to share today's interview with Heather Fischer-Page.  Heather is a new friend that I am blessed to get introduced through one of my previous guest, Kate Mahoney in Episode 22.  After our initial discovery call and receiving a Human Design reading from Heather, I knew she would be a great addition to our show!

As a brief background:

Heather has always had a love of learning, understanding herself and others from a mind, body, spirit and soul perspective. Having experienced through her own health challenges, Heather knew there was more involved in the holistic healing process. This lead to Heather enrolling in a program called Food and Spirit by Dr. Deanna Minich, which combined nutrition with body, mind and spirit techniques, that allowed her to approach the whole person. Heather also practiced emotional release techniques such as EFT and hypnotherapy, as well as subtle body energy healing.

As her own healing path evolved, Heather studied Human Design and further, Quantum Human Design, where she finally connected with her own life purpose. This knowledge, wisdom and experience gives her the tools to guide and lead clients to tap into their own way of being, shift and transform any blocks that may be holding them back and gain a clearer understanding of their life's purpose.

So without further ado, here's Heather:

[4:48] - Heather's origin story.

  • (HFP) College: Started as a vocal performance major, ended up with a communications/public relations degree.
  • When John was training in a martial arts school, a friend invited him to meet a sales coach. John was not coachable in most aspects of life, but in a Kung Fu context, John was very coachable. 
  • Worked at Conservatory of Music in University of Missouri-Kansas City.
  • Due to health issues, made a shift: Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.
  • Dr. Deanna Minich - Food and Spirit Program. Rainbow of foods and chakra system.
  • Energy Healing Certification (Quantum Human Design)

[12:21] - (BY) Have you always known this was your soul's path? Was there an event or inflection point that happened where you had an ah-ha moment of your sense of purpose?

(HFP) I've always known deep down this was part of me. As a kid I always had these intuitive hits. 

I wasn't doing what my soul's path wanted me to be. I was trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be.

Self care: quantum alignment classes

[17:17] (BY) You are a Holistic Wellness Mentor.  For those that are new to Human Design, what is it? is this woo, is this science or a mix of both?

(HFP) It really is the mixture of both.

Ra Uru Hu in 1987: Consciousness up leveling. He wanted this to be available for people, to help issue people into a new way of being.

Human Design combines I Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System, Quantum Physics and Astrology.

[22:26] - (BY) What is the difference between Traditional Human Design and Quantum Human Design? How is this different from personality tests like MBTI or DiSC?    

(HFP) Difference between HD and Personality Test: MBTI really resonated with me, but only took me so far. HD gave me a certain depth of who I am. 

Personality test in general help validate who I was…

Difference between Quantum HD and Traditional HD: 

Karen Curry Parker is the founder of Quantum Human Design, she worked with Ra Uru Hu, a student of his. Quantum HD really looks at it from a more evolutionary empowering language. 

[28:48] - (BY) Do you have any major breakthrough stories that your clients have experienced that you can share after they received a HD reading?

(HFP) I always have people have tissues when they have a session because it does wake up your soul.

"A lot of times in appointments, there are a lot of tears because they finally felt seen for who they are."

There's a place of the unknown, but there's also a place of awe. And if you can get to that place of awe and wonder, imagine what it would feel like to step into that.

[32:54] -  (BY) You mentioned an acronym: EFT. What is that?

(HFP) EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique. Aka Tapping. It is an amazing way to shift emotions, trauma, etc. outside of your body.

[34:17] -  (BY) Human Design Types: Alchemist (Generator) vs Emotional Projector (Orchestrator): Heather, you are an Alchemist Generator and I'm an Emotional Projector (Orchestrator in QHD). Can you give a brief description of what these 2 types mean?  

(HFP) Heather: In traditional HD, I am a Emotional Generator. QHD I am an Alchemist.

Ben: Emotional Projector in Traditional HD. In Quantum HD, you are the Orchestrator.  You're really here to guide and direct people. And share wisdom with them when they ask for it.

[41:38] (BY) Advice: For my listeners that are seeking to have a better understanding of themselves, what advice can you share to help them? 

[47:46] - (BY) What is one thing you would tell yourself if you had an ability to travel back 10 years ago and share with your younger self? 

(HFP) 1. Trust: Surrender to the flow and trust. And know that when you ask for the right next step, no matter how big or small it is, it will appear when the time is right.

2. Savor the moments and make sure you are taking such good care of yourself: self care. Serving from that overflow rather than serving from your cup.

[49:23] - (BY) Where can our listeners find you?

Heather's information:

[54:30] - Wow, I really hope you all enjoyed today's interview with Heather! The main takeaway I got from today's interview is this:

  1. As much as there's a place of unknown, there is also a place of awe. If you can bring more awareness to yourself to get into that place of awe and wonder, imagine the possibilities when you step into that!

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