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Ep. 52: Ignite Your Inner Flame: Understanding What Drives You! 


"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." - Arnold H. Glasow

Do you feel you have clarity on what lights your inner flame?  Do you feel you have passion, purpose or direction?

Quote:  "A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body." - Benjamin Franklin

Taking Ben Franklin's quote a step further, is your inner world, your mental house, giving you a feeling of being at home?  A home that is peaceful, warm and full of life?  In today's episode, I'm going to share what the 3 elements that are needed to ignite and fuel your inner fire!  I will share:

  1. Story: My dog Honey - what highly motivates her
  2. 3 main elements needed to light a fire
  3. Top 3 things that ignite and fuel your inner fire
  4. Pro-tip: Sometimes less is more!
  5. I'll share action steps how you can gain clarity in what lights your inner flame!

Show Notes

[1:41] Hi folks, welcome to episode 52 of the Boom Vision podcast!

In today's episode, I wanna discuss what lights your inner fire. This topic came up a more than a few times this past month, so let's dive right in.

[2:10]  Story: My dog Honey: What highly motivates her

[3:42]  What does it take to light a fire? 3 main elements needed to light a fire: air, heat, fuel

  • Air: Oxygen in the air is needed to allow for combustion.
  • Heat: You need a flame, a spark, some friction to light and ignite your fire
  • Fuel: You need good fuel to keep the flame going.

[4:25]  What are 3 things that ignite your inner fire? The baseline ingredient needed to gain clarity on what lights your inner flame, is your desire to cultivate more awareness. 

3 Things: 

  • Achievements: Achieving X: Buying a new car, a bigger house, going on your dream vacation. Is obtaining something bigger a strong enough element to motivate and fuel your
  • Relationships: Is nurturing and building meaningful connections and relationships very important to you?
  • Purpose: Does the desire to serve something larger than yourself, a greater purpose, a vision drive you?

[7:06]  Important Pro-tip: Sometimes less is more! In order for you to elevate to your next level, it may be a matter of simplifying your life, decluttering your mental space, reducing what's on your plate.

[8:41]  Action Steps

With that said, what are the ACTION STEPS to gain clarity in what lights and fuel your inner fire?

  • C - Calm Yourself: Calm yourself by taking a deep breathe, like the  breathwork exercise 1 min. exercise.
  • A - Awareness:  In that calm state, bring awareness to your body on how you are feeling. Do you feel calm and neutral? Do you feel irritated and frustrated? Do you already know what ignites & fuels your inner flame?  Or are you feeling a bit lost in the present moment?
  • L - Language:  I want you to pay attention to the thoughts that are going through your mind, the inner voice that's expressing in your mind. Do you feel you have a burning desire for something? Is the language you are using day to day fueled with passion, or laced with indifference?  Do you have all 3 elements in your life: Oxygen, Heat and Fuel, or are you missing an element?
  • The main takeaway from this week's action steps is simply to assess and acknowledge where you are in life at this present moment. What ignites and fuels you in this part of your journey may change in a different chapter of your life.
  • An important reminder in your self reflection is this: sometimes taking massive action means to simplify your life, to declutter.  A major achievement doesn't mean bigger is better. it could be less is more. 
  • So what I want you to consider in your self reflection is perhaps proper clean up, can help your visibility to step up, so that you can level up.

[13:29] Final Thoughts

Quote: “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” - Buddha

Folks, I hope with today's episode, you give yourself the space and grace to self reflect. If you are feeling cloudy or seeking clarity of what ignites you, do you allow for air, heat and fuel to be present in your life?

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