What if you could confidently thrive in your business or career completely aligned with your 'True North'? Imagine having clear vision of your dream life, where your inner happiness matches your outer success and soul's purpose?   


This is all possible! Hear what my clients are saying about their powerful transformations:

Let's Connect and See If We're a Fit!

Mickey Lu

Founder/CEO of 7-Figure Creative Design Business

"Even though I was doing pretty well for myself, I was in a horrible place...business was chaotic in a way that I wasn't really happy with where I'm doing. Yes the money was there but I was just not feeling fulfilled, not feeling that that's the best version of myself...but I just don't know how, I just couldn't get that figured out. 

Something magical that Coach Ben has helped me with is his process, his approach that has helped me rebuild my foundation, my perspective. It's such a transformational experience and that has changed the entire landscape. It released the best out of me. After you fixed, tuned and rewired your brain, and find your True North, the next thing is he can start helping with the strategies to execute your vision, whether that's in your business, team, or opportunities that's rushing by you. He brings that clarity to you, and he teaches you how you can see it for yourself."


Lon W. Schiffbauer, BA, MBA, PhD, SPHR

Professor of Business Management, Founder of Nutshell Brainery

 "Ben is also just absolutely superb at reading the energy from his clients, from me, and adjusting his language to meet my world.  I use certain language, I have certain life experiences, I have certain expectations... and he's absolutely excellent at framing his insights in language that I can understand. By the end of a session, I feel like he and I went to the same school, grew up in the same industry, and eat the same food at restaurants.  He really understands where I am coming from and able to frame his advice in those experiences.  It's really quite extraordinary, and I count myself just as incalculably lucky that I've gotten to know him." - Lon


Bridget Wang & Jonathan Liu

Soul Freedom Coach, Energy Healers for 12+ Years

"Honestly, working with you Ben is one of the greatest blessings!  Before working with you, I had always felt there was something wrong with me because we had been through so many business coaches and learned a lot of business strategies.  It had always felt misaligned with me...There's always this resistance within me to continue on with my journey, with my coaching business to really find my 'True North' within me.  None of them [business coaches] felt right until we spoke to you...I never felt so listened to, I never felt so seen in a way that is so accepted." - Bridget

"For me, Ben, you really helped us align our visions together....for people who are in partnerships, who are creating a business together. You really helped us realize that we weren't aligned energetically, emotionally to what we want to create together. Another thing Ben that you really helped is just the clarity of knowing where our 'True North' is. Now moving forward, every decision we make, we have that soul compass. That's priceless!" - Jonathan



"Being a huge self-improvement advocate, I've worked with many coaches, but nobody has had the impact that Ben has had. Our conversations have been life changing, both personally and professionally.   He genuinely listens and uses relatable analogies that can be applied in everyday life. The sense of empowerment and confidence that I've found in myself since working with Ben is irreplaceable."

Brandy Cooper

Entrepreneur, Operations

"Ben has help guide me through quite a few situations, the most arduous though was one of self-worth.  Now, this may have been ancillary to everything else he was coaching me through, but it is certainly the most impactful.  Not knowing the value of my contributions has held me mentally back for longer than I remember; unconsciously.  With Ben's guidance, he was able to walk me through many scenarios and examples that made me question the lens that I viewed everything through.  Looking through a new lens has taken time and patience, this share of self-worth that I have earned along the way will continue to pay dividends in the future."

Alex R.

Entrepreneur, 7-Figure Microscope Technology Business 

"We’ve been lucky enough to work with Ben for several years. He has been an invaluable resource for us and our business since day one. Every challenge we have presented him, he has taken seriously and works with us to find solutions that are “win win” for all parties involved. It continues to be a pleasure to work with Ben. We trust him and would easily recommend him."

Elaine Yamanashi

Co-Founder of Tokyo Fried Chicken

On EO Forum Retreat Facilitation:


"Ben was wonderful, it totally was the highlight of our EO retreat. Highly recommended, amazing presentation and tools for life."

Shalom I.


EO Los Angeles 

On EO Forum Retreat Facilitation:


"I loved Ben and this workshop so much! He opened my eyes to what my WHY, who in my life is adding value/depleting energy, and made me realize where I want to go! These were questions I was pondering over for months and one workshop with him helped me gain instant clarity."

Daniya H.


EO Los Angeles