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Episode 3: Imagination: How to Escape Your Matrix and Groundhog Day!



Ever wonder what it would feel like to be stuck on Groundhog Day everyday, on an endless loop like Phil Connors (Bill Murray)?

If you don't activate your imagination, if you don't start flexing your imagination muscle and let your creative juices flowing, you'll get stuck in your own "Matrix" on a repeat program!  Today we'll be diving into:

  1. Why imagination is so critical in getting yourself out of your loop.  
  2. Is your SOS (Subconscious Operating System) running on rerun or rewrite? 
  3. Are you a person where seeing is believing, or believing is seeing?
  4. Action steps you can take to exercise your imagination muscle.

Show Notes

[1:42] - Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.

[2:02] - Story: Adopting our dog Honey. 

If you are "finding" yourself, that's like finding a treasure, or finding a destination. The word "finding" for me indicates something is missing or lost. It's like you're searching for something. Do you feel in life you're constantly searching for something? To me, this word "Finding" has a "world is half empty" perspective and viberation to it, it's like you're coming from a place of LACK. What happens after you find your hidden treasure?  What happens after you arrive at your destination? 

It's like, "NOW WHAT?" (whisper voice: guess what? It's like chasing your own tail!)

[4:22] - Subconscious Operating System (SOS)

Quote: "Downwards is the only way forwards" - Cobbs in the movie Inception

[5:27] - Subconscious Mind Level: Your SOS is running on rerun, or rewrite?

Ever find yourself dreaming about your past more often? Or do you dream or daydream about your future more often? If you have a stronger affinity towards reruns, reliving your past, feeling your best days are already behind you, your Autopilot is on reruns. That's really no different than chasing your own tail. That's essentially the same as being Phil Connors in Groundhog Day. 

Is that serving you well to be running a rerun subconscious programming? Because that might explain why you are finding yourself rather than creating yourself.

[7:00] - AnalogyBlue pill or red pill?

Question: So ask yourself: Has your Subconscious mind been taking the BLUE or RED Pill?

Has your current SOS  ("Subconscious Operating System") been making you take the Blue Pill? Where "ignorance is bliss?" Where you've been constantly watching reruns? Where you've been chasing your own tail?

OR...has your SOS been making you take the Red pill? Where you choose to be NEO, and that "there is no spoon"?

The question of this century is: what is my life purpose? 

or is it? Perhaps the question you can ask instead is: HOW do I CREATE my life purpose?

[8:54] - Let me ask you, are you a person where seeing is believing? Or are you a person where believing is seeing?

Personal Story: I use to be a person where seeing is believing.

[10:14] - Faith in yourself

I do want to make a distinction here. Some folks might be hearing that "believing is seeing" deals more about faith. My intention here isn't to discuss about religion. However, this quote does deal with an aspect of faith. Specifically, it's faith in yourself. You have to believe that you can create

[10:47] - The magic key is imagination.

How you can switching your SOS to believing is seeing: a) faith in yourself, and b) opening up your imagination.

Think about it: If your voice and inner voice say the words "Life is about CREATING yourself", well...if you are creating a new version of yourself, chances are you're creating a new version of yourself that you have NEVER experienced before.

How do you create a upgraded version of yourself if you have never been there before?  If you've never experienced it, felt it, or seen it?

[11:23] - Visual example: Drawing a Circle, Sphere, and Widget.

[12:35] - This is why the key is imagination, but also that changing your language where believing is seeing, which in this context: You need to have faith in yourself, cuz that will upgraded your SOS, which will open up a gateway to allow yourself to IMAGINE

[13:02] - Story: Have you ever driving with your eyes closed?

If you can't see where you're going, you won't go anywhere. If you can't see or imagine a new version of yourself, a version you have never experienced before, how can you create a new version of you? You have to give yourself permission to imagine new things, that's why imagination is so critical in your journey to reinvent yourself!

Your current SOS is using an old GPS navigation system that you observed and downloaded during the first 7 years of your life!

[14:29] - Upgrading your SOS: So how do you do that? It's 2 steps: 

  1. You need to reprogram your SOS with the belief that believing is seeing. What this will do is replace your inner voice that has an old record of repeating "I'm not creative", and instead play a new record where you say "I AM CREATIVE".
  2. The 2nd step is activating your imagination! Meaning, you consciously make the intent and effort to exercise your imagination muscle. 

[15:09] - This week's Framework and Action Steps:

CAL Method

  • Calming: Find a method that can calm your mind, either through meditation, a simple breathing exercise, or a technique I also use on a daily basis, is when I shower in the evenings, I allow myself for 1 minute just stand still under the hot shower and imagine my stress and any emotional baggage I might have consciously or unconsciously been carrying throughout the day.
  • I take a deep breath, and I let out a long SIGH and allow the hot water to wash away the stress and emotional baggage. This can be really powerful if you give yourself the permission to be in that present moment.
  • Awareness: Pay attention to the inner voice that's talking to you and the language you use throughout the day. Is your current SOS running a rerun or rewrite program? Do you have a current belief system where seeing is believing, or believing is seeing?
  • Language: I want you to declare out loud:
    • "I am creative!"
    • "I believe in myself!"
    • "I give myself permission to imagine new possibilities!"

Action: Grab a notepad and JUST START DRAWING! Whatever words come into mind, write it down. Whatever pictures or imagines come into mind, draw it. Don't hesitate and stop yourself, just draw and write whatever comes to mind. The KEY is giving yourself the mental space and room to let your imagine come to you.  

[19:15] - Final Thoughts: Recap

  • "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."
  • Conscious Level: What is your inner voice saying to yourself? Are you finding or creating?
  • SOS Level: Are you running a rerun or rewrite program?
  • The seed you are planting and nurturing within: Is it: seeing is believing, or believing is seeing?

Quote: Where your thoughts go, energy flows. Where your energy flows, manifestation grows.

So how do you want your manifestation to grow? Can you visualize it?

Quote: "Embrace who you are and embody who you want to become."

You got this! You just need to imagine a new version of yourself on who you want to embody.

Don't just move your body, move your SOUL!

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