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Episode 29: Secret to Building Self Confidence: Believing is Seeing!


Movie Quote: "All you have to do is believe, then you will see everything." - Morgan Freeman, Vitruvius in The Lego Movie.

Folks, have you ever wanted something so bad, but what stops you in your tracks is that you tell yourself "If only I was more confidence…" What's stopping you from imagining a future that you wish you had, become the present reality that you are currently living?

Quote: "Making things happen in your life requires a faith, or an ability to believe that is unshakable, regardless of your circumstances." - Les Brown

In today's episode, I'm going to share one of the key's in unlocking how you can grow your self confidence: it's the core essence of: "Believing is Seeing."  I'm also going to share my personal story of how I applied this powerful belief in my life,  and share the framework that you can take to manifest what you want in life and strengthen your self-confidence muscle TODAY!  In today's episode, I will share:

  1. What do I mean by believing is seeing?
  2. Visualization Study
  3. My personal story of believing in seeing, and how I applied the visualization exercise to achieve my milestone.
  4. I'll share action steps on what you can do to manifest that next goal, challenge, milestone that will transform your business, career or life!

Show Notes

[1:52] - Hi folks, welcome back to episode 29 of the Boom Vision podcast! Before we start, I just want to acknowledge you all that are part of the Boom Vision community. This episode marks the 1 year anniversary since I launched last year in September 1st, 2021. When I started this journey, I had no idea where it would take me, and I feel like I we're just getting warmed up. I could not have done this without you listeners, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for tuning in and continuing to build this Boom Vision community together!

With that said, I want to ask you, when's the last time you can remember where you saw something, it could be a new opportunity, a book idea, a TedX talk, or a business idea, something that triggered this feeling inside you that made you go: I WANT THAT!

Quote: "It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen." - Muhammad Ali 

[4:05] - Believing is seeing!

You've heard me share in Episode 3: Imagination where I shared on this topic.

[4:21] - Visualization Study: A well-known study done at the University of Chicago in the 1980s by a sports psychologist Dr. Judd Biasiotto.  The study includes a splitting undergraduate basketball students into three groups to perform free throw:

  1. Students in the first group practiced free throws every day for an hour.
  2. Those in the second group visualized themselves making free throws.
  3. Those in the third group were told not to practice and not to think about free throws.

After 30 days, the three groups were tested again on their free throws compared to their baseline.

  1. The first group improved by 24%.
  2. The second group improved by 23%! And they didn't even touch a basketball for 30 days!
  3. The third group had no improvement.

Takeaway: Visualizing the act of achieving success had roughly the same statistical outcome as the ones that practiced. 

If you recall in Episode 15: How to Stay Focused, where I shared my ritual I would do before every Volleyball match against our opponents during warmups, I visualized and felt through what success looks, hears, and feels like, and allowed my mind and body to integrate that visual, auditory and feeling before I opened my eyes to play the game. Believing is seeing. 

[7:30] - Client Story: Currently at a crossroads in his life.

[9:19] - My personal story: SPI Pro COTM: 60-second Transformation Video Challenge

Results: I can in 3rd place on this COTM challenge. I made it to the podium, but didn't get top prize.

2 months later, SPI had this new opportunity called Teaching Friday's, where members of SPI Pro could submit a topic that they would like to share and teach the SPI audience on Friday episodes that they're started to roll out in the beginning of the year.

I submitted my name and Intuition topic to the opportunity, and 2 months later, I found out I was selected. 

On May 27, 2022, Episode 580: How to Listen to and Follow Your Intuition with Benjamin Yeh was released! 

Main Takeaway: If your belief is "Believing is seeing"…if you can see it in you mind first, if you can hear it in your mind, if you can feel it in your body, you can achieve it!

[15:00] - Action Steps: 6 Steps this week

  1. Calm Yourself: Calm yourself with whatever methods work for you to quiet your wind tunnel. Breathing exercise, meditation, yoga or running.
  2. Acknowledge Yourself: I wants you to self reflect on how far you've come in life, because people tend to underestimate how capable they are and their own level of self confidence. Self reflect from your early childhood til the present moment. You've got to give yourself the space and grace to acknowledge that you actually have more self confidence than you think have. This step of acknowledging yourself is important to propel you with the right mindset in this week's action steps.
  3. Pick a Goal: Pick a goal, an opportunity, a milestone that's outside of your comfort zone that you currently feel is either a leap of faith or jump of faith. Something that will bring you so much joy that you previously didn't think was possible, a milestone that will transform your business, your career or your life that is in alignment with your mind, body and soul. Goal StatementMy new goal of X is Y, because it makes me feel Z.
  4. Visualization Steps: As I mentioned in my pre-game warmup in Episode 15: 1) See it, 2) Hear it, 3) Feel it!
  5. Write it down: Write down: 1) Your Goal Statement, and 2) I saw...I heard...I felt...
  6. Action Steps: What are 1 actions step that you will take on a consistent basis (daily or weekly) you will commit to doing that will move the needle the most in achieving your vision? Keep it simple, that's why I only said 1 action step. Simplicity and consistency is the key elements to making it a reality!

[20:53] - Final Thoughts

Quote: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."  - Napoleon Hill

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Send me a DM on IG (@benjaminyeh), or leave a comment and review if you resonate with today's episode!

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