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Ep. 48: Creative Strategist: From Ayahuasca, NDE, to Living Life 2.0 with Rachul Panchal 


Quote: "Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not." – Deepak Chopra

*Trigger Warning: In this episode, you'll hear some sensitive topics such as NDE (near death experiences). So if you got little ones around, please grab your headphones now.

Today's interview is my friend, Rahul Panchal, a Creative Strategist and Rebirth Facilitator.  Rahul has got an incredible story of transforming from his past life as an award winning creative director, to living his new life, spiritual awakened.  And it all started from an invitation to an ayahuasca ceremony.  In today's interview (Part 1), we dive into:

  1. Rahul Panchal's origin story.
  2. His spiritual awakening
  3. Rahul's first ayahuasca ceremony
  4. NDE (Near Death Experience) experience
  5. Rahul's biggest takeaway from experiencing NDE.

Show Notes

[3:28] Welcome to episode 48 of the Boom Vision podcast!

I am stoked to share part 1 of today's interview with my new friend, Rahul Panchal. I connected with Rahul through our mutual friend Tian Mu, my guest in Episode 36. Tian invited me to join this breathwork workshop that Rahul was hosting a few months ago, and after experiencing an amazing session, I knew I had to invite Rahul on Boom Vision.

As a brief background:

Rahul has been oil painting since age 7, and started working as a designer at an ad agency at age 22. He helped design and Art Direct award-winning work for Coke, Mini Cooper, Burger King and more. He was creative director for Super Bowl campaigns for major brands including Honda and Pepsi and has been recognized nationally and internationally for his work, winning almost every major advertising award.

At age 33, he ventured off to the Himalayas to deepen his spiritual understanding of eastern culture and learn from yogis and sadhus and was guided to facilitate Breathwork journeys. A year later he lived with a medicine tribe in the Amazon to deepen his understanding and practice with indigenous plant medicines. He’s led hundreds of breathwork healing ceremonies for thousands of people in New York and Los Angeles. These days he leads creative strategy for his clients. On Sundays he holds a community Breathwork circle on zoom for anyone who wants to let it all go, and start the week fresh.

[5:45] Rahul Panchal's origin story

[8:10] (BY) When you say you left your body, what happened?

(RP) 2 years before my NDE, I was having incredible health problems. Got over 10 prescriptions from my doctor.

Spoke with my friend that's a food healer. He recommended I read this book "The 80/10/10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas N. GrahamBasically how-to manual on how to live and thrive by eating fruit.

 [16:57] (BY) After what you went through, after reading the book, after going through this fruit diet and going through 2 weeks of mucus, then what happened?

(RP) After mucus hump, then I had to go through a rash hump. After going through this process, I went from lethargic to hopping out of bed to go on a 20 mile bike ride. Results were so profound and positive.

[19:24] (RP) Friend recommended Rahul come to a plant medicine ceremony. Rahul joins.

[25:41] (BY) This is a house plant you're speaking to, are you speaking through your mind or verbally? 

[28:45] (RP) Next time you know, I'm floating above earth looking at the planet.

[34:21] (BY) What you're describing it sounds like time was controlled by your speed of thought. Is that right?

(RP) It was really a very long time. I sat in contemplation in every moment of my life.

[42:43] (BY) So let me ask you this, after going through what sounds like eternality, you had to go through a recalibration, what was your life like the following week, month, etc. after that experience?

[46:00] (BY) When you say everything, walk me through your thought process. What you thought you want in life shifted? Or what was it?

[50:55] (BY) From that session, did it give you clarity? It sounded like your wife brought you to that medium with a different intention. Going through the session, what happened?

(RP) I got clarity from who I was from an eternal self.

[52:45] (BY) Having gone through NDE, what fundamentally changed from that experience, what was the biggest takeaway you've learned from that experience?

 [59:54] One Takeaway from this Part 1

I'll leave you with this quote: "Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not." – Deepak Chopra

What for Part 2, released next Wednesday, May 31st!

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