Do any of these situations resonates with you?

  • You feel stuck: You spent years on building a 'successful' career path, but you're lost that inner spark and happiness, and you have no clue what to do about it?! 
  • You don't have a trusted advisor:  As an entrepreneur or executive, you do not have anyone you can talk to that understands your pain points & headaches.  People count on you, but there's no one you can discuss how to create solutions to problems you have difficulty tackling.  You don't have a trusted advisor that you feel safe to be vulnerable with in sharing your inner struggles and work through your mental and professional roadblocks.
  • You have a deep, inner knowing that you are meant to do more in life: You have this feeling and knowing that you are meant to do more in life, but you don't know the direction of your purpose or vision (your 'True North'), and the steps it takes to execute on that vision.
  • Your life is out of balance, out of rhythm: You know how to survive, but you don't know how to thrive in business & in life. You may have outer success, but you feel drained, and your family and other aspects of your life is out of balance.  You are unsure how to make it all harmonize.

You are NOT alone!

Let's Talk!

Clients who I serve the best are:

Visionary Entrepreneurs, Conscious CEOs, Driven Professionals and Compassionate Wavemakers aligned with these values:

  • You are coachable and driven to make a difference in this world through your business or career, but you feel your life (business/ career/ family) is out of balance and not in rhythm.
  • You operate from an abundant and open mindset: you started your spiritual journey, but you are unable to bridge your spiritual awakening with your business or career.
  • You are are student of life and continually invest in yourself, but want to master the game of thriving and happiness.
  • You care about building a lasting legacy with positive impact, but unsure of the direction in how to serve others in the pursuit of leveling up.
  • You give more than you take, but don't know how to advance to the next level in your own hero's journey in business and life.

I work best with these qualifications:

1.  Entrepreneurs: You have been in business for over 3+ years and/or your business generates over $1,000,000+ revenue annually.

2. Professionals: You generate over $300,000 of annual income. 

3. You resonate with the 3 Core Pillars of building a powerful mindset: You resonate with Episode 2 (Voice), Episode 3 (Imagination) and Episode 4 (Intuition) of my Boom Vision Podcast. These are the core building blocks of how I coach my clients in building a strong foundation of mind, body and soul. If you invest your time to listen to all 3 episodes, that tells me you're motivated in learning and you take action. If the language I share resonates with you, there's a high chance we're a good fit because this is how I coach! 

Why these qualifications? 

My private 1-on-1 coaching packages ranges from $6,000 on up, depending on my client's needs. I work best with these qualifications because:

1. You know how to survive and take actions: You've been in business or built your career to a level where you know how to survive, you show consistency that you have ability to take actions, you just need trusted guidance to take it to the next level.

2. You've been around the block and have a few entrepreneurial 'battle scars': With this level of business or # of years in business, you've experienced and tried more than one approach on what works and what doesn't. You just haven't met the right guide to accelerate your growth that's in alignment with your mind, body and soul!

3. Compatibility: I have a unique style of coaching. If you strongly resonate with the language I use in my Boom Vision podcast, that implies we are probably compatible! 

Folks who are NOT a great fit:

Professionals/ Entrepreneurs who:

  • Do not resonate with the 3 Core Pillars of Boom Vision podcast.
  • Not 100% committed, unwilling to spend time, energy and resources to invest in themselves to¬†achieve transformation.
  • Unwilling to be open-minded and curious, resistant to inner reflection.
  • Only¬†looking for shortcuts and external factors to¬†grow their business quickly without approaching life holistically.
  • Only want to focus on KPIs, processes and efficiencies, no desire or¬†believe in 'energy' work.
  • Believes outer success, fame and fortune will finally lead them to happiness. In other words, strongly believes in the statement: "Once I achieve X, then I will be happy."

I help you gain clarity in your purpose, create strategies aligned with your vision, and instill daily habits/tactics so you can execute and thrive in your business, career, and life.  

It's all interconnected. Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself, and I what I do is help you unlock your true transformation you are meant to experience and create!

Here’s what I can help you achieve:

  • Provide¬†a¬†safe¬†space for you to authentically share¬†your challenges with someone that truly understands your pain points and be that trusted advisor in your entrepreneurial/professional journey.
  • Identify¬†the challenges/limiting beliefs (the¬†root causes) that are showing up in your career, business, and creativity and help you transform them.
  • Get crystal clear¬†with¬†your ‚ÄėTrue North‚Äô in the current/next phase of your life to recalibrate your inner happiness to match your desired definition of 'success'.
  • Create alignment in¬†multiple aspects of your life¬†so that what you want to manifest & attract, matches your why and how.¬†
  • Implement¬†new daily habits & tactics to execute on creating the life your soul is yearning to create!

Ready to work together?

I’m selective in the handful of 1:1 coaching clients I take on each quarter. I create a safe and empowering environment as we dive deep into your career, business and current life path. It’s important for me to understand what your goals are and how you want to achieve them. It’s equally important to candidly understand if we’re a good fit. My 1:1 coaching is currently conducted over Google Meeting, Zoom or Skype. Let’s connect!

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