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Episode 13: Are You & Your Partner Rowing Towards the Same Direction? Map and Internal Compass 


“What's happened, happened, It's an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world, it's not an excuse for doing nothing." - Neil (Robert Pattinson) in Tenet.




Folks, have you ever been in a relationship where you feel like your partner is pulling at an opposite direction of where you want to go? This could be your your significant other, your business partner/co-founder, or your perhaps one of your employees. How do you figure out if you are rowing in the same direction? How do you work it out to see if it's possible to recalibrate so that you're both aligned?

“Life and business is like the changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Therein lies the opportunity to live an extraordinary life – the opportunity to change yourself.” - Jim Rohn. 

 In today's episode, I will share:

  1. The concept of Map and Internal Compass, 
  2. Why it's critical to be rowing in the same quadrant,
  3. I'll share action steps (Vision Board Exercise) you can take to understand if you and your partner are rowing towards the same direction!

Show Notes

[1:44] - Hi folks, welcome back to Episode 13 of Boom Vision! With the start of the new year, I wanted to share a topic that, without a doubt, has popped up the most when I've coached others over the past decade. That topic is what I called Map and Internal Compass "MIC"

[2:03] - What is Map and Internal Compass?

> Map: This is how you see yourself in this world through your own eyes.  It's basically a topographic map of how you see yourself. Think of it as a 3D rendering.

To keep things simple, I'd like you visualize 2 types of terrain on your map: Rivers and Mountains.

  • Rivers: Strengths and Confidence: Rivers is your strengths and where you draw your confidence from. Things that you do well. Is your strength good leadership skills? Is it being an effective communicator? Strong empath? Visualize a strong current in your river, where your strength and confidence flows in your life.
  • Mountains: Challenges and fears: Your biggest challenges and fears represents the highest mountain in your map. Is your biggest challenge the ability to focus? Do you have a fear of failure? Do you have fear of trusting others? Or is your challenge that you trust to easily? 

[3:26] - Internal Compass

> Internal Compass: This is how you navigate the world from your heart.  Your Internal Compass is your core values and principals. What you value, respect, and prioritize in your life define your morals and integrity. Your internal compass is what consciously and subconsciously guides you in how you make decisions, and what actions you take on a daily basis.

What I’ve learned over the years after talking to entrepreneurs from all walks of life is that everyone has different MICs.  From their own struggles and hardships, as well as successes and accomplishments, your MIC is constantly changing.  

[4:15] - Takeaways: Your map is essentially a current snapshot of how you see yourself. Your Map tend to change and shift more often than your Internal Compass.  

[4:33] - Why is this important?

Why is it so important for you to understand each other's Map AND Internal Compass?

[5:31] - QuestionWhat's the most common reason why relationships fall apart?

The very common reason I've seen repeatedly why relationships fall apart is when 2 people are rowing in different quadrants.

Question: What is a quadrant? 

Technical definition is: each of four quarters of a circle.

[6:17] - Share some examples of when people are rowing in different quadrants:

  • Personal relationships: When one partner starts their spiritual journey, but the other partner does not.
  • Business relationships: Major life events.

[8:20] - Story: I have a client where he was in a business partnership that was very demanding of his time. (18-20hr days was not uncommon). But after getting married, he and his wife wanted kids and knowing this, staying status quo would not enable him and his wife to grow a family that they desired.

[9:25] - What are the Action Steps you can take to understand if you and your partner are rowing in the same quadrant?

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CAL Method:

C: Calm - Find a way for you and your partner to be in a calm state. Find a time where you are emotionally calm to have a very good conversation. Depending on your rhythm, find a time to have a very heart-centered conversation.

[10:13] - A: Awareness. In a calm state, I'd like you to think and bring awareness to 5 Areas of your Life.

  • Family
  • Finance
  • Friends
  • Self Care
  • Fun

Question 1: Ranking: Among this list of 5 categories, rank all of these 5 areas in how you prioritize. What's your top 3 priorities?

Question 2: HOW and WHY? When I ask why, what's the underlying intention and reason why you prioritize this? 

Question 3: Movie Trailer: Movie Trailer: What does a successful visualization of these top 3 priories look for you? Imagine describing a movie trailer for all 3. Movie trailer is a preview of what's to come. It's a snapshot video of what you envision will occur in the next 6-12 months.

[13:57] - L: Language: I want you to pay attention to the language that both you and your partner are using when you describe your top 3 priorities. I want you to pay attention to each other's movie trailers. Do you feel you are rowing in the same quadrant? If so, fantastic! If not, is there a need to recalibrate? 

[14:36] - Personal Results

I want to share you our results of this Vision Board Exercise when I did this exercise with my wife.

[17:15] - Because I've seen this framework add real value to my coaching clients over the years, I've create a worksheet for the Vision Board Exercise that you can download for free (*Please see bottom of page to enter your Name and Email to download your free worksheet!).

All you need to do is click on the show notes, it'll redirect you to my website where you can enter your name and email to download this Vision Board Exercise in PDF. This is my gift to you for being a Boom Vision listener, I hope this framework adds value to your partnership like it's has for my clients.

[17:48] - Final Thoughts

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela.

Folks, the reason why I'm sharing this concept of Map and Internal Compass is to establish a new language where you and your partner can speak into. My intention is to provide you with a framework where you and your partner can truly communicating from a heart-centered space to ensure you both are rowing in the same quadrant. 

Do you and your business partner have similar vision on HOW you plan to execute your business, and WHY you're doing it, your intentions? For your personal relationship, do you have similar priorities in how each of you want your relationship to grow and thrive?

If there's one main takeaway I'd like you to get today, is that you and your partner just need to row in the same quadrant. You do NOT have to be rowing to the same address, but you need to be in the same quadrant in order for your relationship to be sustainable in the long run.

“Map is how you see yourself in this world through your own eyes. Internal Compass is how you navigate the world from your heart.” – Ben Yeh

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